Singer-Musician Cormac Roth, Son Of Actor Tim Roth, Passes Away At Age 25

Cormac Roth, a musician and the son of English actor Tim Roth, passed away on Monday at 25. On October 16, the musician and composer passed away in Los Angeles, over a year after being told he had stage 3 germ cell cancer.

After a valiant fight against illness, Roth’s family announced in a statement provided to HuffPost, “We lost our wonderful baby Cormac.” He passed away quietly while being held by his devoted family. He fought for the past year with tremendous bravery and persevered to the bitter end with his wicked wit and humour.

The statement said, “He was a wild and electric ball of energy, and his spirit was filled with love and goodness.” “Although Cormac was a wild man, he was also the epitome of kindness. A kind man who gave others around him so much joy and optimism.

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The pain, tears, and laughter come in waves when we reflect on that wonderful boy over the 25 years, and ten months we knew him. A great child who is unstoppable, joyous, wild, and full of energy. A man, only recently. I adore him. He will travel everywhere with us. In July, Roth revealed for the first time that he has been receiving treatment since November 2021.

Since then, I have been battling it every day and doing everything I can to defeat it. At the time, he wrote, “Chemo, high dose chemo, medicines, transplants, transfusions, surgeries, etc. “It’s called choriocarcinoma, it’s rare, and despite my best efforts, it has managed to remain well ahead of me.

It has taken away my confidence, 60 pounds, and half of my hearing. It will continue on its murderous course until I find a method to stop and kill it. Roth, who 2018 released the electronic album “Python,” plays the guitar in the caption’s accompanying video.

2019 saw Roth graduate from Bennington College, and he composed the original score for the suspenseful movie “New Order” in 2020. “It hasn’t diminished my desire to live or my love for creating music. It hasn’t defeated me yet,” he added in his tweet from July. “Love to you all, and remember to pursue your passions.

“An extraordinarily gifted and remarkable artist whose passion and enthusiasm for playing music stretched back to when his guitar was bigger than he was,” was how his relatives described Roth.

Cormac was described in the statement as “a guitarist, songwriter, and producer smart beyond his years. His career was only beginning to thrive.” Because “you don’t always get to select your fate and you don’t always get to choose your future,” Roth urged his followers to “dig your teeth in” in his farewell Instagram post published in August.

He advised, “Be an irrefutable force that lives and breaths that thing you profess to love and is.” His parents, Tim and Nikki Roth, and his brother, Hunter Roth, are still alive. The most recent performances for Tim Roth, who is most known for his work in movies like “Reservoir Dogs” and “Pulp Fiction,” were in the Netflix series “She-Hulk: Attorney at Law” and the psychological suspense movie “Resurrection.”

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