Secret Wedding Between Miss Argentina And Miss Puerto Rico

Fabiola Valentin of Puerto Rico and Mariana Valera of Argentina, two former beauty queens, revealed that they had secretly wed this week. The combined Instagram post sparked joy in LGBTQ communities all around Latin America, a continent historically trailed behind in homosexual rights but has recently made some progress.

Valentin and Valera announced their decision to open the doors on this critical day, October 28, after opting to keep their romance private. A film montage of their romance, depicting the two on vacation, in bars, and at the beach at dusk, is included in the post.

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There is a picture of the couple following the proposal, along with gold and silver balloons that read, “Marry me?” Valentin and Valera kiss outside the courthouse in San Juan And Puerto Rico, as the film closes.

Same-sex marriage was formerly illegal in the U.S. territory, but it was made lawful there in 2015 when the U.S. Supreme Court declared such restrictions unconstitutional. New codes that added more LGBTQ protections to the island went into effect in 2020.

In Thailand in 2020, when they competed as representatives of their nations. Since then, they have kept up their social media posting. The pair enthusiastically reacted to the outpouring of congratulations on social media that followed the marriage announcement.

“I appreciate all of your love. We’re ecstatic and jubilant,” Valera stated. “I’m returning the love you’re giving us back to you all.”

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