Correction Policy

In writing, errors can and do occur even when due diligence measures are used. When they are brought to our attention here at The Important E News, we don’t think twice to acknowledge them and answer.

Errors are promptly fixed by the Important E News Fact Check with a high degree of transparency. If the repair is simple, we mark it within 24 hours of being made aware of it. However, the fix could take up to 72 hours if it necessitates additional research or contacting individuals to gauge their reactions. We appreciate reader feedback, which can be left in the comments box found at the conclusion of each article, video, or post. [email protected] is another place to direct a request for a story’s correction or update.

The Important E News keeps an eye on its extensive social media presence and appreciates reader feedback and criticism.

It is prominently noted as “Correction” at the top and we clearly state the change, along with information on why the change was necessary, whenever there is a significant correction or substantial change that alters the rating of a news piece. This gives every correction a distinct, accessible history.

After a story has been published, if new material becomes available that adds significant new layers or perspectives but does not change the rating, it is noted at the end of the piece with the word “Update.”

Corrections for grammatical, spelling, or typographical problems as well as any small modifications that editors do not deem important are typically not recorded.

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