‘Frozen 3’ Announced at Disney in 2023 Updates?

We’ll soon be going back to the ice kingdom of Arendelle for a third time, CEO Bob Iger of Disney stated during the company’s Q1 earnings call. The corporation is currently working on Frozen III as it seeks to capitalize on some of its future highest-grossing assets. In addition to Toy Story 5 and a Zootopia sequel, three movies were also announced during the call.

Following the hugely popular 2019 sequel Frozen II, Frozen III was just been published. With an astounding $1.45 billion at the global box office, Frozen II outperformed Toy Story 4 and Zootopia in terms of revenue. With the original 2013, Frozen included, the franchise has a total global value of $2.73 billion and has received its fair share of praise.

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The sequel’s massive smash “Into the Unknown” received a nomination for Best Original Song, whereas the first film received the Best Animated Feature award at the 2014 Academy Awards and won for its monster eight times platinum song “Let It Go.” Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel as the princesses Anna and Elsa, Josh Gad as the snowman Olaf, and Jonathan Groff as Kristoff round out the film’s illustrious main cast.

Disney’s decision to make a U-turn and focus on sequel movies is not particularly shocking. Disney has been particularly frigid when it comes to its original animated projects, even though existing properties already have an advantage over fresh concepts. Most recently, Strange World was a significant flop for the studio, earning less than $74 million globally, forcing it to be pushed over to Disney+ to salvage face.

Reviews of the movie were mostly unfavorable, even though it had a dull plot while being a symbol of the company’s representation. Before that, Encanto encountered problems at the box office in 2021 as well. Even while it wasn’t quite as bad as Strange World, the $256 million it made globally with only $96 million in the United States wasn’t great, even though it was handicapped by the ongoing pandemic.

'Frozen 3' Announced at Disney in 2023 Updates?

Frozen III Comes as Disney Faces Major Spending Cuts

Disney has received some unfavorable news in addition to these new sequels. Iger is attempting to cut $3 billion in content expenditures as part of a $5.5 billion savings drive, following in the footsteps of Warner Bros. Discovery’s drastic cost-cutting measures.

The conglomerate is also firing 7,000 workers from across all of its businesses as a result of some of those additional operating costs and staffing reductions. Disney as a whole is going through a massive reorganization and has separated into three divisions: Entertainment, ESPN, and Parks.

Iger noted that more information on Frozen III and the other upcoming animated movies will be available soon and highlighted the action as Disney leveraging the well-liked properties they currently control. The second movie, in which the dam was destroyed and nearly caused the kingdom to flood, would come after the trip back to Arendelle.

You know we have more articles related to the upcoming shows you may find interesting:

There are lots of areas for the new movie to go as it explores the reign of Elsa and Anna now that harmony has been restored between the Enchanted Forest and the kingdom, which is now under the supervision of each of them. For more on Disney’s restructure and the three new animated movies revealed today, keep checking back here at Collider. See the Frozen II trailer down below.

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