Discord Quote: An Easy Guide to Markdown On Discord

Discord, the platform especially built for all the gamers to get in touch with each other while playing the game. This app is used worldwide by players to play their favourite multiplayer games. The discord offer messaging, calling, and a unique feature for group chats, which is known as “Discord Quote.”

The Discord Quote feature enables the players to reply in the same and a managed way like we respond to messages on WhatsApp and Facebook by quoting them. Originally the discord app was developed for the gamers especially. But later, business persons started to use it for their productivity.

If you want to quote someone on discord then here are three ways to use discord quote. Let’s read further.

How to Quote Someone On Discord : 3 Ways

After this big update, the users can now tag other users without adding any other code or anything. Because after updating the app you will see quoting is now a built-in feature of Discord.

#1 Newly Introduced: Block Quotes

You can apply this quotation very easily by just using syntax to use Block Quotes is a single > or three >>> followed by a space.

When you add “>” (without inverted coma) at the starting of your text, it will create a single-line block-quote. For instance, If you want to quote any older message of the chat then you just need to copy-paste the sent message as > Going to KFC, does anyone want Crushers or hot wings? Then just below it, you can add your reply. We can understand that it is more tedious and type of work that needs some extra efforts and also not as good as WhatsApp replies. But it is the best workaround to quote other players on Discord for now.

Discord Quote: An Easy Guide to Markdown On Discord

Now, if you add “>>>” (without inverted coma) at the beginning of a line of your message. Then all the text starting from “>>>” until the last word will be wrapped inside the quotes.

For instance:- If you want to quote multiple lines of what any other player posted, then you simply need to copy and paste that players message as shown in the image below.

Discord Quote

#2 Use Code Blocks To Quote Someone on Discord.

It is the old quoting method of discord in which a user had to resort to using the “discord Code Blocks feature” to make fun of the ability to quote messages.

As this old method still works but now we have an alternate for this and that you should give it a try. To create a code block, you only need to wrap your message in a single backtick (`) or three backticks (“`).

When you add (`) at the beginning and end of your whole text, it can format a single line to be into a code block.

For instance:- if you just want to quote a single line message One line code blocks are neat. Then you write should it as `One line code blocks are neat`—added image to show you more accurately.

Discord Quote

If you add (“`) a triple backtick in the starting and end of the sentence, then the sentence will format the multiple lines into a code block.

For instance:- This haiku provided by Discord is a clear example that shows how anyone can be quoted by using a multiline code block. For reference, you can also check the image below.

Discord Quote

#3 Using A Quote Bot: The Advanced Method

We found this advance method of quotation on the Github. With this method, you don’t need to remember any syntax or backtick trick. This method work as a complete quote functionality suite for Discord.

Want to use it? Then all you need is just some basic knowledge in downloading and installing Github projects to make it fully functional.

Here are the two projects which we found to have the most engagement: 

  1. nirewen/Citador – Quote messages on Discord with a simple click.
  2. Deivedux/Quote – Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool that you’ll ever need.

Now you have learnt the multiple ways to quote your friends in discord chat and it’s all up to you whether you want to use code blocks or block quotes or you go with the advanced method.

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