Will The New Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth?

The brand new Nintendo Switch OLED 4K support display system is all set for its release. But fans are not amused at all. Why? Because the features don’t have a considerable upgrade from the last Nintendo Console. But is this true? Or are these just misconceptions? Let’s find out!

The $350 Nintendo Switch will come up with new joy-cons, which will have 2 variations this time. The latest technology is built especially for advanced features, and one of these upgrades includes wireless technology. And luckily Nintendo OLED Switch has wireless features too! But this does not mean that the switch necessarily supports any wireless device. So now the question arises; will the new Nintendo Switch have Bluetooth?

Sadly, the latest switch uses Bluetooth in a limited way. And what is it? Continue reading the article to learn more!

Nintendo Switch Release Date 

The Nintendo OLED Switch will release on 8th October 2021! Finally, after years of rumors, the concerned authorities confirmed the launch date.

Will The New Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth?

Will The New Nintendo Switch Have Bluetooth?

As mentioned earlier, the new switch is not that different from the standard switch. If you are looking for improved visuals in the OLED Switch, you will be quite impressed by its graphics quality. However, if you are looking for more updates in the latest Switch, you won’t be so happy because most of the features remain unchanged!

Now let’s address the elephant in the room! Even the older version of the Nintendo Switch had Bluetooth, and so does the new OLED Switch. But there is a difference in how the “wireless” technology works in Nintendo.

There is a restriction to the wireless devices that can be used with the Switch. For instance, you can use Bluetooth on joy-cons or simply on the controllers. But when it comes to wireless headphones, these accessories are not supported on any Nintendo Switches. 

The OLED Switch will come with enhanced audio and a brand new adjustable stand. Plus, it will have 64 gigabytes of internal storage! The new switch is also wider and heavier than its last version. And the visuals only improve when the Switch is docked. The switch without being docked has a resolution of 1280×72, and the docked switch has a resolution of 1920×1080.

The switch’s consoles do not support Bluetooth, but you can use it to pair your joy-cons or the Pro Controllers!

Moreover, the Nintendo OLED Switch does not come with its own wireless headset! So, a piece of bad news for all the gamers because they will have to tolerate the headphone jacks for a long time now. Maybe if we are lucky, then wireless Bluetooth will be introduced in the later versions. 

There is Always a Solution to a Problem!

Similarly, this issue can also be resolved. How? You can buy a Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapter. It will cost you a bit, but the experience will be worth it!

These adapters connect to your docks or consoles, which will help you connect your any Bluetooth device, even wireless headphones. So, buy them on Amazon right now!

If you still haven’t bought the Nintendo OLED Switch and want to learn about its new features. Then we have got you covered! This article will give you an ultimate guide on why or why not to purchase the brand new Switch.

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