The Innocents Season 2: Reportedly Canceled at Netflix? Check Here

Since we know that the show has probably been canceled and won’t be returning for a second season, The Innocents season 2 has remained a mystery until now. What we currently understand is listed below. In the summer of 2018, the show’s elegant and distinctive first season was published on Netflix to much praise.

The eight-episode British series had a major cliffhanger at the end, which we’ll discuss below, but it also had eight episodes. The story of the series centres on a teenage shapeshifter learning about herself. Guy Pearce, Laura Birn, Percell Ascott, and Sorcha Groundsell appear in the series. Six months have passed since The Innocents debuted on Netflix, but no one has given us an official update on the show’s status.

When will this Season Arrive:

Is there scope for a season 2?

The Innocents Season 2: Reportedly Canceled at Netflix? Check Here

Absolutely. Because June had shapeshifted twice, leaving Harry’s brain in limbo, the first season concluded on a massive cliffhanger with Harry imprisoned in the automobile.

Have the Innocents has it been canceled?

Status of the renewal: Probably cancelled (Accessed March 2019). As we noted in our initial story on The Innocents season 2, Netflix has yet to make an official press announcement about the second season, which will continue until 2019. But it’s been said that the program has been cancelled.

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TVline cited The Innocents in one of their articles, and they notably stated that “sources confirm for me that the series will not see Season 2.” The Innocents has not been renewed or cancelled by Netflix, which usually happens several months after a show premieres.

The show’s Twitter account continued to be active for around a month after it had finished airing, with the latest action on the version being September 18. This typically indicates that a show will not be renewed because Netflix will continue to update their channels on the performances until they are cancelled.

However, certain members of the show’s cast and crew have continued to be active on Twitter. The actor who portrays Harry on the show, Percelle Ascott, has been involved in several other endeavours afterwards, including a rap YouTube series that its creator hopes to bring to Netflix.

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Percelle last mentioned or interacted with The Innocents on December 30 by liking a fan’s tweet, even though he hasn’t tweeted about the series since August 29. We contacted the show’s production company, New Pictures, to inquire about any updates but have not received a response. Do you hope that The Innocents will get a second season? Please share with us in the comments section below.


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