Aggretsuko Season 4 is Coming in 2021

The comedy Japanese series, Aggretsuko, has had us rolling on the floor laughing quite a few times. The story follows a 25-year-old red panda named Retsuko on her journey to find happiness. The story resonates with all of us deeply, from work stress and social media obsession to social anxiety and finding love. We have all seen it and experienced it. Facing lots of troubles and perilous situations, Retsuko stays strong in her pursuit over all three seasons. However, the third season is not the finale; Retsuko still needs to find her happiness! So is there going to be an Aggretsuko Season 4? Should we be expecting to see Aggretsuko Season 4 on-screen anytime soon? This article covers everything that you need to know about Aggretsuko Season 4. 

The plot of Aggretsuko Season 1,2 and 3

Let us go through a quick recap of the first three seasons of Aggretsuko to freshen our memories.

Aggretsuko Season 4

Season 1

The season begins with Retsuko struggling to keep herself motivated during her fifth year of working at a prestigious trading firm. The work stress hits her quite hard, and she struggles to keep up with it. At the end of every workday, she gets rid of her frustration by screaming death metal songs in a karaoke room. Since she practically hates her work, she takes up the opportunity to begin a new business venture with her former high school classmate Puko, a free-spirited soul. This possible new venture gives her hope and boosts her confidence, and she starts talking back to her supervisor.

However, this plan falls through, and she has to keep her old tiring job. The only thing that keeps her going is the idea of being a housewife after getting married. Her work colleagues and yoga class friends, Director Gori and Washimi take her to karaoke bars to find respite. They also persuade her to go to a company singles mixer. She falls in love with her colleague, Resasuke, a major airhead from the sales department. They begin dating, and Retsuko starts dreaming about getting married to him. However, the relationship is not the best for her, and it starts wearing her down. This makes everyone around her concerned about her well-being.  The season ends with her need to seek validation through social media spiraling out of control. 

Season 2

Retsuko is required to mentor the new hire, Anai, at work. Retsuko is empathetic and overbearing. He barely makes progress at work which makes Director Ton mad at Retsuko. He makes Retsuko and Anai host a food stall together at the company’s Family Appreciation Day event. Anai does not lift a finger, so she has to do all the work herself. On the other hand, her mother tries her best to set her up for arranged marriage.

She even sets up an arranged marriage meeting without Retsuko’s permission. However, Retsuko finds her own love, Tadano. Unfortunately, much to Retsuko’s dismay, he wants to be with her forever but without getting married. But how does Retsuko agree to that? She wants to get married and become a housewife! 

Season 3

Retsuko tries to cope with her relationship with Tadano ending by investing in a virtual world with a dream boyfriend. She faces a financial crisis and cannot pay for a car accident with Hyoudou, the manager of the OTMGirls, an idol band consisting of three girls, Hidarin, Manaka, and Migi. He gives her the option of becoming the accounting manager for the band to settle dues. Much to her surprise, the band is in a sticky situation with lots of debts. She takes on the task of freeing them from debt and does this successfully. In doing this, she also helps herself and gains back her sanity.

This season is full of twists and turns and unexpected decisions. At one point, Retsuko herself becomes an idol too! However, after a traumatic encounter with a crazy fan, she gives up the role and leaves the band. She also may have potentially found the love of her love, Haida! He wants to be with her, but she still needs to recover from her trauma. The season ends with them going out for a bite to eat. 

Where can you watch the first three seasons? 

Aggretsuko is a Netflix original show, and you can easily watch it on the top-rated streaming platform. All 3 seasons are available, along with English dubbing and subtitles! 

Is there going to be an Aggretsuko Season 4? 

Yes, viewers should be expecting to see Season 4 of Aggretsuko on Netflix soon! The announcement was made on Netflix’s NX Twitter account in December 2020. The post featured a Christmas-themed drawing with Retsuko, Haida, and Fenneko in Santa and Elf outfits. 

All three seasons have gained spectacular reviews as viewers feel a personal connection to Retsuko. We have all done jobs we hate, fallen in love with the wrong people, made some wrong decisions, and Retsuko is just like us. This makes us all love the show even more, and we, just like you, can barely wait for the next season. 

When will Season 4 release? 

At present, season 4 is in production; there has been no official announcement regarding the release date. However, by looking at stats, we can find out a probably expected date. 

Season 2 was released exactly 14 months after Season 1 ended, and Season 3 was released approximately 14 months after Season 2. If we follow this trend, we can expect Season 4 to come out as early as fall 2021 as Season 3 made its debut in August 2020. Thus, Season 4 may premiere in October 2021! 

What should viewers expect to see in Season 4?

It seems that Season 4 will deal with the aftermath of the traumatic incident that took place in season 3. We expect to see Haida fulfill his promise of keeping Retsuko safe despite her rejecting him. It took 3 seasons for the two of them to finally come together, and season 4 will feature their love story. 

Final Verdict

Aggretsuko is a sensational show that surely deserves all the love that it gets. It contains all the troubles that we face on a day-to-day basis in our lives. Thus, we can barely wait to feast our eyes on the fourth season of this mind-blowing show!

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