13 Reasons Why Season 5: Why Netflix Series Got Cancelled?

Since its debut, Netflix’s adolescent drama 13 Reasons Why has courted controversy, but that hasn’t stopped viewers from tuning in and supporting Hannah, Clay, and their other Liberty High classmates. Based on the same-titled book by Jay Asher, the first season initially followed Clay, a reclusive high school student who gets a box of tape cassettes from Hannah, a former crush who committed suicide.

Through flashbacks, Hannah introduces us to other high school students she blames for her severe and ultimately fatal depression. In the subsequent seasons, she broadened their focus by dedicating episodes to the expanding cast of high school kids, which included Bryce, Hannah’s rapist, whose murder was the primary subject of series three.

The show has received criticism in the past for its vivid depictions of rape and suicide, including one brutal scene in which a male character is sodomized with a broom handle. The fourth season, which debuted on Netflix last week, has not been without controversy, though, receiving criticism for (spoiler alert) the shocking HIV/AIDS-related death of a fan favourite.

Despite Netflix’s promises that the show has officially finished, it hasn’t stopped viewers from speculating about a hypothetical fifth season. Continue reading for all the information you require about 13 Reasons Why season 5.

When will this season arrive?: 


13 Reasons Why Season 5: Why Netflix Series Got Cancelled?

Will 13 Reasons Why be back for season five?

Unfortunately, Netflix has revealed that the fourth season of 13 Reasons Why will be the final one to include Liberty High. The choice to discontinue the show after series four, which will “feature the core cast’s graduation from High School” and serve as “a natural conclusion to the show,” was made solely for creative reasons, the streamer said in a statement.

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The cast of 13 Reasons Why is seen breaking down as they finish their last read-through in a teaser film for season four that Netflix also published. Alisha Boe, who portrays Jessica Davis in the video, can be heard sobbing as she says, “I will never forget this experience for the rest of my life, so thank you.”

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Brian Yorkey, the show’s creator, revealed to Entertainment Weekly in May that he decided to conclude 13 Reasons Why during season two’s production because the students’ graduation “felt like the logical ending point.”

He remarked, “I pretty quickly went to a place where it felt like a four-season story when it became clear that we might have the opportunity to make more seasons of this.” Because high school lasts four years, “I’m always a little bit wary of high school shows that go beyond four seasons.”

You know we have more articles about the upcoming shows:

“It felt like the logical ending point to bring these characters to their graduation and to scatter to their next things,” he continued. “Since then, the plan has been to produce four seasons of this, should we be so fortunate as to have the chance. We knew it was the end heading into the fourth season’s shattering plot.

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