Terraria Potions: Learn the Basics of Terraria Potions

During a boss battle, every attack counts, because a single attack can decide whether you are going to win or lose. And everyone loves to have the upper hand during a boss battle. If you have armour, wings and a bunch of Terraria potions, then you can easily defeat the bosses. But what are these and how they can help a player during the gameplay?

Terraria Potions; What are they?

In Terraria, potions are consumable liquid items that help the players to either restore health, mana, both or provide buffs. There are more than 50 potions in the game. The game allows the players to craft most of the brews at Alchemy Station. Though some potions, such as Lesser Healing Potions/Mana Potions cab be purchased from the merchant if you don’t have sufficient resources to craft.

In the long list of potions, there is only Greater Mana that can’t be crafted at the station. The greater mana can be only bought from a wizard whenever needed. If you are lucky enough, then you can also find these in pots and chests.

Terraria Potions: Learn the Basics of Terraria Potions

How to Use/Consume Terraria Potions?

Whenever you feel an urge to use a healing, Mana and Buff potion quickly, then you can use it by pressing the “H”, “J” and “B” keys respectively. If you find any kind. of difficulty inn remembering these keys, then these hotkeys can be changed from the settings page.

In the game, these potions are divided into three main categories, Restoring, combatting, Utility.

Restoring Potions

In this category, there is a total of 13 potions that can help you to restore your health, mana or boost the passive restoration capabilities. After consuming any of the brews from this category, you may feel Sickness for a short period.

Combat Potions

These are the essential brews which you need during every fight. There are 16 Combat Potions. And if you consume a combat potion, then your fighting and defending abilities will enhance.

Utility Potions

In this category, we have 23 potions, these potions affects the player’s abilities mechanically, but these don’t have any relation with combat or restoration abilities.

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