Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2 Is Happening or Not? Read About It Here

Netflix is well-known for its well-crafted docuseries that leave viewers in a state of intense shock and keen to discover the details of the sequel. One such documentary was about Naomi Osaka, who is an excellent tennis player. The show gives an overview of the Olympic player’s life. Not just this, but it also gives other discrete details about Naomi’s life which no one knew about until the series went on air. The docuseries revolves around Naomi Osaka and how she handled the sudden fame of her win against Serena Williams in 2018. All this at just the age of 21! The documentary gained popularity overnight, and it wasn’t shocking when fans started demanding a second season. But the question is will Netflix renew the docuseries? And if yes, then how they will continue with the story in Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2?

We have all these queries covered in the article below. So, let’s dig deep into it!

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Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2 Release Date

The show first premiered on 16th July 2021 on Netflix worldwide. Director Garrett Bradley did a great job with the docuseries, as it received good reviews from not just subscribers but also critics.

With that being said, Netflix has not greenlit the show for a sequel yet. So what does that mean about the fate of the show?

It is too early to say anything about Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2 as the docuseries just debuted. However, if the ratings go even higher than Netflix won’t shy away from renewing the show.

The present season of Naomi Osaka consists of 3 episodes, each 40 minutes long. All of them were successful in covering the exceptional life of Naomi. So, there is not enough storyline left for the showrunners to explore in the sequel.

Netflix's Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2

Moreover, Netflix does not usually renew docuseries as they get released as”mini-series.” But if everything works out and Netflix announces the show’s renewal, then expect the new batch of episodes to drop in 2023.

2023, because Netflix has a very hectic schedule already planned for 2022, so it’s unlikely that you’ll get to watch the 2nd season so early in 2022.

But these are just assumptions, so it is better not to expect anything from Netflix for now.

Who will star in the 2nd season of the Naomi Osaka documentary?

If the producers go on with the idea of a second season, then expect similar faces to come back for the sequel. Unlike other Netflix TV shows, this specific one was based on true events, so they can’t just change the cast.

Naomi Osaka, Leonard Francois (her dad), Tamaki Osaka (her mom) will definitely feature in the second installment.

Depending on the story development, you might get to see some more new faces in the docuseries. As Netflix has not greenlit the show yet, there is no confirmed cast either.

What will be the story in the Naomi Osaka sequel?

As you’re already aware, Naomi Osaka is a docuseries. This means Netflix can’t just hire writers to continue with the story.

If the sequel is to come, then the plot of it should be based on real-life events. There is not enough story of the star left to tell.

The docuseries divided into three parts told everything about Naomi’s journey to becoming the sportswoman today! This also implies that Netflix won’t be renewing the show for a sequel.

Netflix’s Naomi Osaka Documentary Season 2 Trailer

As the second season is not confirmed yet, you can’t watch its trailer anywhere simply because no footage of it exists!

However, if you still haven’t streamed the docuseries, consider this a sign to watch it. Because believe us, you are missing out on Netflix’s one of the finest works! Stream the 3 episodes long documentary on Netflix right now!

That was all that you needed to know about Naomi Osaka Documentary’s second installment. If you loved the limited TV series, then we are sure that you’ll love watching Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, also available on Netflix.

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