Sophie Season 2 release date, cast, synopsis, trailer, and more

Netflix docuseries Sophie: A Murder in West Cork is a crime story based on true events. The series focuses on the life of Sophie Toscan du Plantier and how she was brutally murdered. It also shows the investigation process of the whole crime. Back in 1996, when this incident happened, the murder became the new obsession among Ireland and France. It has been a controversy since the day it happened. The strange part is that the prime suspect was neither found guilty in Ireland nor was he extradited. It was released on 30th June 2021. Just 6 days past its release, people are already demanding sophie season 2.

Are there any chances of sophie season 2?

We’ll answer this question based on facts and figures so let’s begin.

sophie season 2 Release Date

In cases where the season’s sequel is undetermined, Netflix usually analyses the first month’s rating and, on that basis, they make their decision. For example, if a show did well in its first season (like Bridgerton), then keeping the hype in mind, they announce the renewal news.

If we apply the same rule to Sophie: A Murder in West Cork, it is too soon to say anything regarding the second season. The ratings of the show are good, but the stats don’t remain constant. If the rating goes up only then, there might be a possibility of a second season.

Moreover, Sophie: A Murder in West Cork was released as a mini-series. You must be wondering how does this make any difference.

This implies that Netflix released the docuseries with the intention of one season only. This is disappointing news to the fans, but Netflix has the power to do anything, so let’s hope for the best.

sophie season 2

Who will star in sophie season 2?

If somehow the second season goes under production, we will most likely see the same faces again. But you can expect to see new additions to the cast. However, all this depends on the development of the story.

What is the plot of Sophie: A Murder in West Cork?

The limited series revolves around the murder mystery of Sophie Toscan.

Who was Sophie?

She was a 39-year-old French television producer whose holiday home happened to be Ireland. Sophie was a frequent visitor to Schull cottage, outside which she was brutally murdered. The innocent lady was a mother to one and a loving wife to Daniel Toscan.

The reason why she visited this place quite often was that she loved to live alone in peace. She wouldn’t even have imagined in her wildest dreams that a person would murder her in her holiday home.

So, after all, the famous saying “good things happen to bad people” is true.

The documentary then tells us about the investigation that followed the murder. According to French authorities, Ian Bailey was the prime suspect in this case, but they could never prove this because there was no forensic proof found on the crime site.

However, the Irish government agreed to try Ian Bailey because he did not have a clear record; several sexual assault cases lined up against him. Plus, he was the first journalist to report about Sophie’s murder.

But this was just a summary of the situation. The docuseries show the investigation in much detail to get a clear idea. You must watch it. The good thing is that it is only 3 episodes long.

A new question arises: if Netflix decides to renew the show, what will be the plot of season 2?

This is a true-crime story which means Netflix cannot write a sequel to it. But a solution exists for every problem so that the sequel might explore other small details. For instance, interviewing the people who lived near the crime scene or analyzing legal documents. But this is pretty confidential, so don’t get your hopes high as these are just assumptions.


The miniseries was released 6 days ago!

So, if you have expectations for the second season, you will have to wait for a long time. Because production can take up to more than 1 and a half years. Which is a pretty long time to wait, but as always, patience is the key.

But even if we don’t get a sequel, then don’t be sad because Jim Sheridan is working on a film, Murder at the Cottage which will revolve around the same issue but with an alternate stance.

So if you loved this Netflix docuseries, do watch the film when it comes out.

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