Microsoft Flight Simulator: How To Talk To ATC (Air Traffic Control)?

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a series of amateur flight games designed for the Microsoft operating system, which got available recently on the latest Xbox consoles. The game is quite popular because of its different challenges, which require many strategies to complete. One such hard task is to know Microsoft Flight Simulator: How To Talk To ATC. 

It isn’t obvious because of the different controls which are designated to certain commands. And when you have a time limit to achieve the goal, this task can become even harder. But not anymore because this guide below will teach you how to talk to the ATC efficiently. So, let’s begin!

However, before you begin talking to the ATC, there are certain things that you must be aware of. Make sure that you have filed your flight plan on vPILOT. This will help the ATC to navigate your route better. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator: How To Talk To ATC (Air Traffic Control)?

  1. Hit the scroll lock in the ATC menu. This will allow you to interact.
  2. The button “C” is for radio frequencies that can be autotuned. (if you don’t know how to adjust the radio to the correct frequency, scroll down below!)
  3. For those players who don’t want to get into the complicated way of communication, you can switch to the Al mode, which will do the required work!

Certain shortcuts are beneficial while talking to the ATC:

Microsoft Flight Simulator: How To Talk To ATC (Air Traffic Control)?

  • X for frequency change
  • Hold SHIFT, CTRL, Z – ADF
  • Hold SHIFT, CTRL, PG DOWN – To decrease the NAV1 frequency
  • SHIFT, CTRL, PGUP – To increase NAV1 frequency
  • SHIFT, CTRL, N – NAV1 Replace
  • N – NAV Radio

Why is it important to adjust the frequency?

If you are a pro gamer, you must be aware that both system and correct usage of language is necessary to communicate with the ATC. But those who are relatively new to the game usually either skip this crucial step or get stuck. So, this brings us to our next question: How to adjust the radio to the correct frequency?

The process is straightforward! First, press C, which will open the ATC menu, and there you’ll find different ways to fix the frequency. That is it, and your work is done! You’ll also find an autotune feature there, which can be turned on or off anytime. 

Air Flight Control

ATC is a system that guides the pilots in the successful landing of planes. They ensure that the different planes don’t crash into each other at the time of landing, so communicating with them efficiently is a basic skill that every gamer must have.

Those who control the 6;s aircraft need the ATC’s help more than anyone. This game and its unique way of talking to the ATC is quite similar to the real-life ATCs, so this gives us a very realistic experience of being a pilot to the gamers!

What is the ATC menu in Microsoft Flight Simulator?

This is the menu that you should be familiar with if you want to communicate with the ATC. The menu can be placed anywhere on the screen. This feature makes it very convenient for the players to fly their planes with ease. And in case you didn’t know, it can be resized too!

Once you have connected to the tower successfully, a message, “Select a message to transfer,” will be displayed. However, if you are not able to connect due to any technicalities, then this message will be displayed “There are currently no messages to transfer.”

If you are new to Microsoft Flight Simulator, then these tips are for you!

  • Besides ATC, you can also chat and connect with other players if you have a stable internet connection.
  • After connecting to the control tower, if you hear a squeaking sound, don’t worry because there is no issue at your end. The beep sound means that someone else tried to connect to the tower simultaneously as you.
  • You can even change your pilot voices! Just follow these steps: Settings> Options> ATC menu.
  • Along with the voice, you can also change the name of your aircraft.
  • If it is difficult for you to find the correct frequency, then use autotuning. It will make your job easier!

That is pretty much everything that you need to know while trying to connect with the ATC. We hope that you found our tutorial on talking to ATC (Air Traffic Control) useful. Got more queries? Feel free to ask us in the comments down below!

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