Terraria Armors: What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Best Terraria Armors

Every gamer loves to use armours because they add a layer of protection on the body of character to reduce the damage taken from enemies and other damage sources. As a gamer, we always like to equip it because it allows us some extra time to defeat the bosses. In Terraria there are a total of 83 armour sets from which you can obtain 34 in pre-hard mode. At the same time, there are other 33 sets which are obtainable only in a hard way. Additionally, there are seven robes and two wizard hats that you can use to get some extra buffs. Moreover, there are seven miscellaneous Terraria armors which are available for players initially.

Let’s discuss in details what are the Terraria Armors and what kind of benefits it can provide to your character if you use these with Best Terraria wings?

What are the Terraria Armors?

The armors in Terraria are set of equipable items that provide defence against the dominated environment of the game. Every shield protects at a specific level by reducing damage to half / 3/4 / all its value, which will be rounded up depending on the quality of armor.

During the battle, if you are wearing armour, then you’ll be eligible to get bonus points when all three pieces of the same armour type are worn simultaneously. For all elemental pre-hard mode ore armours like Copper and Platinum give you an additional defence bonus. While on the other hand, unique and most advanced shields provide other specialised bonus. Such as Shroomite armour set will make you invisible when don’t move.

How to Get Terraria Armors?

There are three ways by which you can get the armor in the Terraria game. Either you craft them on an anvil by using or purchase it directly from NPS’s. Moreover, you can also wait until a monster drops it.

The Terraria armors won’t provide you with any defence while playing in the Social Slots. However, the aesthetic effects created by the shield will still occur. This list of the impact doesn’t include light given off from the mining helmet.

In this article, we aren’t going to mention all the Terraria Armors. Because it is a tedious task and somehow it will become boring. As per my thinking, every player has their playing techniques and combat methods. So, they might want to use armours as per their preferences.

This article just contains the information on armors basis on the ability, strength, or distinctive characteristic. So, without any further fuss, here are the best Terraria armors that can help you to enjoy your custom gameplay!

Best Terraria Armors Based on Strength, Abilities and Characteristics

Hallowed Armor Set

Terraria Armors

With the Hallowed Armor Set, you’ll have the enormous melee damage if you wear the Hallowed Helmet, you can also reduce the mana usage with Hallowed headgear, and maximum speed with Hallowed mask. The best thing which makes it onto this list is the extraordinary ability by which pieces of the Hallowed set find their way into endgame builds, correctly magic builds.

Angler Clothes – Best Armors for Fishing in Terraria

Terraria Armors

This armor makes you look like everyone’s favourite NPC, the Angler. Hence this suit isn’t an ideal armor, but after wearing it, you get maximum power to collect ores and fishes. Although this armour isn’t the best, it makes this list because of the following reasons.

  • After wearing it, your fishing power will be tremendously increased by  5% per piece worn.
  • You will get each piece of this armor after completing the fishing quests. After getting all the parts, your fishing techniques and timing will b improved.
  • You will get hat after completing ten quests, the vest after 15 quests, and the pants at 20 quests.

The award list is endless as you will be getting a lot of bonus after completing each quests.

Angler Armor Stats are as follows:

Angler Hat– 

  • 1 Defence.
  • +5% fishing power.

Angler Vest

  • 2 Defence.
  • +5% fishing power.

Angler Pants

  • 1 Defence.
  • +5% fishing power.

Total Stats

  • 4 Defence.
  • +15% fishing power.

Turtle Armor – The Best Armor for Defense + Thorns

Terraria Armors

This body shield is inspired by the artist Raven S. with really cool life-like concept art! This turtle armour gives you a best in class defence along with an impressive ability to heal yourself after each hit you take. The turtle armor offers the best sustainability for combat and defence in comparison to Angler bodysuit.

The Turtle armor has the following specialities.

  • The turtle armor has the high defence ratings, even higher than some armor sets which are available in the endgame.
  • This armor will increase your combat skill by polishing your melee damage as well as critical strike chance.
  • After collecting all the sets of this armor, you will get the thorns effect. The thorns effect will heal the damages completely that would have been dealt with you—disregarding any rub ups which decrease the injuries which you take.
  • Attracts all the enemies to make the best out of the thorns effect.

Turtle Armor Stats are as follows:

Turtle Helmet:

  • 21 Defence.
  • +6% melee damage.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Turtle Scale Mail:

  • 27 Defence.
  • +8% melee damage and critical strike chance.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Turtle Leggings:

  • 17 Defence.
  • +4% melee critical strike chance.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Total Stats & Set bonus:

  • 65 Defence.
  • +14% melee damage.
  • +12% melee critical strike chance.
  • Enemies are much more likely to target you.
  • Attackers also take full damage.

How to Get Turtle Armor?

If you have this armour in the Terraria, then you are a worthy opponent to most of the enemies. If you wish to get this armour in your inventory slot, then you will need to collect 54 Chlorophyte Bars in total (you’ll need 12, 24, 18 for each armour piece respectively). After receiving the parts, you can forge turtle armour at an Adamantite or Titanium Forge along with the Chlorophyte ores which you can find underground jungle.

Dark Artist Armor – Best Armor for Sentries + Magic

Terraria Armors

Dark artist armor is based on The Dark Arts Apprentice, a ‘Dungeon Defenders II’ character. This armour can summon little beasts and pets to fight at your side. These summoned weapons are beneficial in specific missions, and boss fights as they don’t just follow you around. During the fight, they help to control enemies with different effects, as well as putting in great deals of damage to whatever strong enemy is around.

However, you can just use one sentry at a time to make this armor set useful.

Specialities of Dark Artist armor are as follows:

  • You can summon four sentries maximum if you have unlocked all parts of the armour.
  • It polishes the attacking abilities of sentries and minions, such as magical damage, critical strike. With this armour suit, you can also combine magical and summoning ability into one to create extra damage on enemies.
  • This armour especially empowers the Flameburst Tower that increase the attacking range, projectile speed, area viewing ability of Sentry and minion to make them more deadly and effective weapon.

Dark Artist Armor Stats:

Dark Artist’s Hat

  • 7 Defence.
  • +2 Sentry Capacity.
  • +10% minion and magic damage.

Dark Artist’s Robes

  • 21 Defence.
  • +30% minion damage.
  • +15% magic damage.

Dark Artist’s Leggings

  • 14 Defence.
  • +20% minion damage.
  • +25% magical critical strike chance.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 42 Defence.
  • +60% minion damage.
  • +25% magic damage.
  • +25% magic critical strike chance.
  • +1 Sentry Capacity (+3 Total).
  • Greatly enhances Flameburst effectiveness.

How to Get Dark Artist Armor?

When you start your journey again, after defeating Eater of Worlds or Brain of Cthulhu, you may find an unconscious man tied up and left to die in any layer of the world. When you untie him, the Tavernkeep become concious and now you can start a conversation with him.

During the conversation, he can stay at your base and narrates you the Old One’s Army event. After defeating each wave of the army, you’ll be rewarded with defender medal to purchase usable items from Tavernkeep.

During the trade, you’ll get a chance to buy sentries and the Dark Artist’s Armor. If you want to purchase the whole set of armor at once, then you need to spend 225 Defender Medals for all parts. It is the top tier set of armor and is only available to buy after defeating golem.

Shinobi Infiltrator Armor – Best Armor for Sentries + Melee

Terraria Armors

This armour is added to the list to pay tribute to the Shinobi Monk from the game ‘Dungeon Defenders II’. We all know that the Japanese warlords and their warriors ruled the kingdom with powerful families, ninjas or shinobi. In those kingdoms, the mercenaries were hired to do specific jobs such as espionage, infiltration, or assassination of rulers.

The quality of this armour, living up to its existence, is as follows;

  • You started a battle and equipped with Shinobi Infiltrator armour; then you would be able to replicate the speed of one, both in swinging the blade and actual movement.
  • It will also increase your melee attack damage, strike chances, to make you able to create maximum damage on enemies.
  • Owing to the armour, the lightening aura of sentry minion will be increased along with speed, range, and critical strike chance.
  • If the character is equipped with a full set of armour, then you’ll be able to attack power.

The Best Terraria Armors: Shinobi Infiltrator Armor Stats are:

Shinobi Infiltrator’s Helmet

  • 10 Defence.
  • +2 Sentry Capacity.
  • +20% melee and minion damage.

Shinobi Infiltrator’s Torso

  • 26 Defence.
  • +20% melee speed and minion damage.

Shinobi Infiltrator’s Pants

  • 18 Defence.
  • +20% movement speed, melee critical strike chance, and minion damage.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 54 Defence.
  • +60% minion damage.
  • +20% melee damage.
  • Extra 20% melee speed.
  • +20% melee critical strike chance.
  • +20% movement speed.
  • +1 Sentry Capacity (+3 Total).
  • Greatly enhances Lightning Aura effectiveness.

How to Get The Best Terraria Armors: Shinobi Infiltrator Armor?

We can’t neglect the fact that this armour is a powerful combination of melee ability. You can buy this armour suit at the Tavernkeep by spending 225 Defender Medals, but you need to defeat golem to unlock it in the game.

Red Riding Armor – One of the Best Terraria Armors for Sentries + Ranged

Terraria Armors

It is another armour that developers picked from the ‘Dungeon Defenders II’. We all know the story of red riding hood, right?

The specialised features of Red Riding Armor are:

  • Like the other two armours, i.e. Dark artist armor and Shinobi, this armor also allows you to increase the number of sentries which you can summon to help during the battle.
  • With this armor, you get the higher movement speed along with the ability to attack from a distance with greater damage.
  • During a battle, if you are wearing this armour, then you can react to attacks with double speed in comparison to normal. With the protective suit, you’ll have the chance to make enemies have the Oil effect, although, that will be for a short time. But advantageous as it can increase the attacking abilities of specific attacks.

The Red Riding Armor Stats:

Red Riding Hood

  • 8 Defence.
  • +2 Sentry Capacity.
  • +10% minion damage and ranged critical strike chance.

Red Riding Dress

  • 24 Defence.
  • +25% minion and ranged damage.

Red Riding Leggings

  • 16 Defence.
  • +25% minion damage.
  • +20% movement speed.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 48 Defence.
  • +60% minion damage.
  • +10% ranged critical strike chance.
  • +25% ranged damage.
  • +20% movement speed.
  • +1 Sentry Capacity (+3 Total).
  • Greatly enhances Explosive Traps effectiveness.

How to get Red Riding Hood Armor in Terraria?

The Red Riding hood armour can be purchased Tavernkeep at 225 defender medals after defeating the boss ‘golem’ in hard mode.

Valhalla Knight Armor – Best Terraria Armor for Sentries + Melee + Regeneration

Terraria Armors

This famous armor has the ability to heal the character during and after every attack. While this armour is not as melee-inclined as the Shinobi Infiltrator Armor but due to it’s healing ability it always remain at the top in the list of best terraria armors.

The Valhalla Knight Armor features includes:

Valhalla Knight armor offers you the fourth-highest raw defence stat at 64 defence to protect you from almost every major attacks.

It smoothen the Ballista sentry by allowing its arrows to attack quickly, fly faster, and effective penetration.

This armor just not increase the sentry’s capabilities but it also offer an improved melee attack strike damage and movement speed during the combat.

Valhalla Knight Terraria Armor Stats are:

Valhalla Knight’s Helm

  • 14 Defence.
  • +2 Sentry Capacity.
  • +10% minion damage.

Valhalla Knight’s Breastplate

  • 30 Defence.
  • +30% minion damage.
  • Massively increased life regeneration.

Valhalla Knight’s Greaves

  • 20 Defence.
  • +20% minion damage and melee critical strike chance.
  • +30% movement speed.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 64 Defence.
  • +60% minion damage.
  • +20% melee critical strike chance.
  • +30% movement speed.
  • +8 HP/sec life regeneration.
  • +1 Sentry Capacity (+3 Total).
  • Greatly enhances Ballista effectiveness.

How to get Valhalla Knight Armor?

Just like other armor sets, you can only unlock it after defeating the golem. After defeating the boss, this armour can be seen on sale at Tavernkeep’s shop for 225 defender medals.

The List of Endgame Terraria Armors

In the list of endgame armours, there are three armors. These three Terraria armors are very effective if you are facing difficulties while battling against the bosses and looking for a helping hand. Let’s have a look and find out how these super armours can help you in Terraria.

Stardust Armor – Best Terraria Armor for Summoning

Terraria Armors

The Stardust Armor, it is one of the favourite armor of every Terraria player as it is the only armor which accompany minions and other pets during the play-through.

The features of this out of the world armor are:

  • Stardust armor can increase the summoned by five as well as it also improves their damage ability.
  • In the dark, it emits enough light to let you explore the environment without using the torch.
  • To give you the multiplayer experience the stardust armour lets you invite a new friend to play, which is known as Stardust Guardian. By following the game character, the minion monster attack by double-tapping the down arrow key and after it, you can spot it on the nearest block to your cursor.
  • It attacks the enemies in sentry style, but it has some mobility to chase enemies, by giving them a big ole hug, or offer them the explosion that damages enemies ultimately. Once every enemy is dead, the Stardust Guardian returns to follow you with full loyally.

Stardust Terraria Armors Stats are:

Stardust Helmet

  • 10 Defence.
  • +22% minion damage.
  • Increases your max number of minions.

Stardust Plate

  • 16 Defence.
  • +22% minion damage.
  • Increases your max number of minions.

Stardust Leggings

  • 12 Defence.
  • +22% minion damage.
  • Increases your max number of minions.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 38 Defence.
  • +66% minion damage.
  • +5 minion capacity.
  • Summons a Stardust Guardian which follows the player around.

How to get Stardust Armor in Terraria?

The Stardust is the first set of Terraria endgame armours. To craft it, you need Luminite Bars Stardust Fragments. The Luminites are usually dropped by the Moon Lor, while the stardust fragments can be collected from the dropped items by Stardust Pillar during a Lunar event. Else you can also craft it with any other fragments, such as Solar, Vortex, and Nebula Fragment.

To get all the parts of this armour, you must have 36 Luminite Bars, and 45 Stardust Fragments to an Ancient Manipulator dropped by a Lunatic Cultist to have some interstellar armour!

Moreover, if you are willing to craft each part manually from top to bottom then you will need 8 & 10, 16 & 20, and 12 & 15 Laminite bars and stardust fragments.

Nebula Armor – Best Magic Terraria Armors

Terraria Armors: What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Best Terraria Armors

Bohrokki illustrates the other Terraria armours. This beautiful mystical armour suit is mighty and impressive as you can see the Nebula armour has a mage look to them along with a purple coloured tint and robes. The real fans will know the advantages of this armour during the boss fight.

The Nebula has the following features:

  • After wearing this armour, all of your magical abilities will boost in every aspect. It will enhance your damage, critical strike chance, and mana, along with a reduced mana usage.
  • After unlocking the full set of t his armour, you’ll be able to connect to the universe around it. It will give you an ability to spawn buff boosters when you are hurting enemies with magic projectiles.
  • The boosters of this armour, just look like tiny flames, but they also have three different positive aspects in the game. Such as enhancing the Damage ability, Life, and Mana. That indirectly hurt enemies, heal the player’s life, and reproduce mana, respectively. But you need to be very quick after equipping the boosters, as they just last eight seconds and you can bundle up to three patrons at a time.

Nebula Armor statistics are:

Nebula Helmet

  • 14 Defence.
  • +60 mana.
  • -15% mana usage.
  • +7% magic damage and critical strike chance.

Nebula Breastplate

  • 18 Defence.
  • +9% magic damage and critical strike chance.

Nebula Leggings

  • 14 Defence.
  • +10% magic damage and movement speed.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 46 Defence.
  • +60 Mana.
  • -15% mana usage.
  • +26% magic damage.
  • +16% magic critical strike chance.
  • +10% movement speed.
  • Hurting enemies have gives you a chance to spawn buff boosters, pick boosters up to get stacking buffs.

Vortex Armor – Best Ranged Terraria Armor

Terraria Armors: What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Best Terraria Armors

Isn’t it looks like a space suit that has a finishing of light blues and dark grey lights? This Endgame Terraria armour is the coolest among all of the other corsets.

The coolest features of Vortex Terraria armors are:

  • After wearing all your ranged effects will be increased. Such as damage, critical strike rate. Due to the upgrades, the players get a chance not to consume ammo while firing.
  • The movement speed during a battle will be increased with a considerable amount.
  • The armour has unique abilities, stealth, which is just a simple upgrade of the Shroomite armour. To enable the stealth mode, you just need to double-tap the down arrow key, by doing so, you will become practically invisible. After entering in the stealth mode, there will be very fewer chances that enemies target you. If you want, then you can disable the stealth mode by double-tapping the down arrow key again.

Vortex Armor Stats:

Vortex Helmet

  • 14 Defence.
  • +16% ranged damage.
  • +7% ranged critical strike chance.

Vortex Breastplate

  • 28 Defence.
  • +12% ranged damage and critical strike chance.
  • +25% chance not to consume ammo.

Vortex Leggings

  • 20 Defence.
  • +8% ranged damage and critical strike chance.
  • +10% movement speed.

Total Stats & Set Bonus

  • 62 Defence.
  • +36% ranged damage.
  • +27% ranged critical strike chance.
  • +10% movement speed.
  • +25% chance not to consume ammo.
  • Double-tap down to toggle stealth, increasing ranged ability and reducing the chance for enemies to target you but slowing movement.

How to get Nebula Armor – Best Magic Terraria Armors

If you love to use several weapons during the battle, then this is the armour that gives you an ability to get most out of ranged weapons. There is only one place where you can craft the pieces of this armour, i.e. Ancient Manipulator. You will need Luminite Bars and Vortex Fragments to complete the crafting work.

To craft the first part of the armour, you should collect and forge the ingredients along with luminite you will need 36 Bars (8, 16, 12, respectively, for all top to bottom parts). For the second, you need to mix three other Lunar Fragments along with 45 Vortex Fragments (10, 20, 15, respectively for all top to bottom parts). However, you can also wait for the Vortex Pillar to drop it during a Lunar Event.

Solar Flare Armor – One of the Best Melee Terraria Armors

Terraria Armors: What Wikipedia Can't Tell You About Best Terraria Armors

It is the only armor in the game that offers you the highest defence than any other armor.

The Solar Flare Armor has the following specialities:

  • It enhances your melee attacks damage, speed, and critical strike chance.
  • After wearing it, all the enemies will target you as this armour has the highest chances of getting targeted by foes.
  • Whenever you add a new piece to this armour a light shines from you.
  • If you have the full set of armour, then it will produce a shield (powered by the sun) around you to protect from enemies. The guard gets charged after every five seconds, which appear as a spike on it. You can use these charges to kill adversaries by tapping right or left navigation key twice.

Solar Flare Armor Stats:

Solar Flare Helmet

  • 24 Defence.
  • +17% melee critical strike chance.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Solar Flare Breastplate

  • 34 Defence.
  • +22% melee damage.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Solar Flare Leggings

  • 20 Defence.
  • +15% movement and melee speed.
  • Enemies are more likely to target you.

Total Stats and Set Bonus

  • 78 Defence.
  • +22% melee damage.
  • +17% melee critical strike chance.
  • +15% melee speed.
  • +15% movement speed.
  • Enemies are significantly more likely to target you.
  • Solar shields generate overtime protecting you, consume the shield power to dash, damaging enemies.

How to Get Solar Flare Armor – Best Melee Terraria Armors

You can craft this last Endgame Terraria armors in the same way as the previous three endgame sets. To start forging, you will need solar fragments which are dropped by Solar Pillars during a Lunar Event. Or you can also craft Solar particle by mixing Vortex, Stardust, and Nebula Fragments, along with some Luminite Bars. All of these you can get from Luminite dropped by the Moon Lord. After collecting each item, bring them to the Ancient Manipulator to start forging each part.

To craft the whole suit, you will need 36 Luminite Bars (8, 12, 16 for the top to bottom parts respectively) and 45 Solar Fragments (10, 20, 15, top to bottom parts)

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