Apple iPhone 13 to Feature Reverse Wireless Charging

Wireless charging is not new to Apple products, as this technology has been a part of it since 2017. However, there are high chances that it is time for wireless charging to move one space higher with the iPhone 13.

Apple’s upcoming model – the iPhone 13, is all geared up to become the flagship smartphone for the next generation. So naturally, all eyes are on the feature of the iPhone 13 reverse wireless charging, which has become the talk of the town.

There have been pretty much many rumors. The rumors have been talking about how the upcoming iPhone series is all set to feature a wireless, powerful charging coil at its actual panel.

 iPhone 13 Reverse Wireless Charging:

With the launch of the iPhone 12 series, Apple introduced the very first wireless magnetic smartphone. As per reports, the next-generation iPhone 13 will be seen with a bigger magnetic coil which will come along with a higher and better charging speed. The company will also be including the technology of reverse charging.

As the name suggests, reverse wireless charging is precisely what it sounds like. When the feature gets enabled, the backside of the phone acts as a wireless charging pad. Basically, through this, the user sacrifices their phone battery to charge the other compatible devices. Typically, and logically, the device you end up charging should have a comparably lesser battery, such as Apple Air Pods or Smartwatch. Hence, this will prevent the user from losing a large amount of battery.

For Apple indeed, this will be a big step and an exciting feature to get on board. This is also one of the main ways to topping up both side devices and a great move.

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