Megan King Boyfriend: Who Is She Dating, Trevor Colhoun?

Megan King Boyfriend: Meghan King, a former member of “Genuine Housewives of Orange County,” has become incredibly popular due to the shocking images showing the truth star giving birth to their new child with Trevor Colhoun. American spy, Meghan King is well recognized for her role in the improvised television drama. She played a cast member in “The Real Housewife of Orange County” on Bravo.

She has played a significant role in numerous unscripted TV dramas throughout her career in pursuit of admiration. The unscripted television monarch has now found her ideal partner in Trevor Colhoun, her new beau. Several people’s pictures are trending on social media, and netizens are eager to learn more about their relationships. 

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Let’s try to determine the delightful VIP couple’s schedule. Trevor Colhoun: Who Is He? Trevor Colhoun, the CEO of Trusted Provider Network and a significant supporter of Meghan King, is their new sweetheart. A wealthy financial expert is also succeeding in the John Deere work vehicle fortune. According to his LinkedIn profile, Trevor graduated from the University of Oregon with a major in finance.

Later, Trevor completed his graduate studies at New York University in Real domain money and enhancement. He started his career as a managing member at Humilis Holdings Capital and continues to work there now. He represents Humillis Capital on the board and has a say in the company’s future direction. He is still contributing his skills as the CEO and a fellow supporter of Trusted Provider Network.


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It is a professional systems management platform designed to allow licensed clinicians and approved treatment providers to investigate the topic of social welfare without hesitation. How old is Meghan King’s boyfriend, Trevor Colhoun, in 2022? The well-known financial expert Trevor Colhoun has avoided mentioning his age to the public.

Trevor completed his secondary education at Millbrook School in 1992. Soon after, he discovered a passion for business and chose to major in financial elements during his four years of college. In 1999, he was an alumnus. In 2019, Trevor assisted in founding his company and is filling in as CEO. But Meghan, Trevor’s beloved, is 37 years old. She celebrated her birthday on September 26 and was born in 1984.

The two critical people don’t seem to have much of an age gap between them and seem deeply smitten with one another. Meghan’s zodiac sign, according to crystal gazing, is Libra. Does Trevor Colhoun Have a Six-Figure Net Worth? Fortune Described The networthpost estimates Trevor’s assets to be worth US$1.2 million.

The financial manager secures a sizable sum of money as the company’s CEO, Trusted Provider Network, which he helped build. He has more than ten years of experience working in computerized social welfare. TPN Health provides its customers access to local businesses that adhere to the highest standards for medical care. It has been growing and is a considerable market industry. 

Megan King Boyfriend, Trevor Colhoun
Megan King’s Boyfriend, Trevor Colhoun


A CEO’s typical annual salary in the US is estimated to be 796K dollars. Announcing Trevor Colhoun Using Instagram The Instagram account of Trevor Colhoun is @trevorlcolhoun. The fictional businessman has 415 supporters and 49 posts to his name. 

He has hidden his Instagram, and only close friends can view his posts. Additionally, @TrevorColhoun is the handle of his official Twitter account. The money manager is proud to have his position as CEO listed on his online entertainment resume.

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