Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now? Who is The Bling Empire Star Boyfriend?

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now? In Season 3 of Bling Empire, Kelly Mi Li admitted that she is seeing a new man as of 2022, but she would not reveal his identity. The reality star slammed the door on any reunion with ex-boyfriend Andrew Gray after his pal asked if they were back together.

To now, all Kelly Mi Li has said about her Chinese, incredible boyfriend is that he is Chinese. Kelly Mi Li, known for her role as a reality program star on Bling Empire, is also an executive at a media and production firm based in Los Angeles. 

She also contributes to Greyscale Lab as an equal partner. In addition to establishing her media and production company, Wet Paws Media, she is also a co-founder of Organic Media Group. Before, she worked as a partner at the talent agency East West Artists.

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The TV star has been famous among the cast of Bling Empire thanks to her ability to sidestep conflict and her financial understanding. She has also been the show’s focus on multiple occasions, particularly in Season 1, due to the red flags in her relationship with her boyfriend, Andrew Gray.

She recently ended her relationship with him and started seeing someone else. However, who is it exactly? She has decided to keep her new boyfriend’s name under wraps, so we have no idea who he is. 

So much mystery surrounds Kelly Mi Li’s 2022 boyfriend because she refused to name him when the other cast members asked her about it during Season 3 of the reality show.

Who Is Kelly Mi’s Ex-Husband?

About ten years ago, Kelly was married to Lin Miao, the founder and CEO of a messaging company who was later arrested for “leading one of the greatest cyber frauds in American history.” “In my twenties, I was married to a Chinese guy, and we lived a rich, crazy lifestyle,” she says in the pilot. 

You know, seven cars and four residences. My ex-husband and I used to rack up monthly charges of almost $400,000 on our black [American Express] card until the government knocked and took it away.

Is Kelly Mi Li Back Together With Andrew Gray?
Is Kelly Mi Li Back Together With Andrew Gray?

Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating Now?

After an unproductive period of online dating (during which Kane put up a profile for her), Kelly Mi Li hinted in the season three finale that she was seeing someone new. Still, she remained tight-lipped about the matter, informing her co-stars that she would introduce them one day.

When we first met Kelly Mi Li in season one, she told us she was divorced and promised only to get involved in relationships “for love” after her marriage to a wealthy ex-husband ended in tragedy when he was charged with fraud and the couple lost everything they owned.

Her tense relationship with Andrew Gray was the primary plot point of the first season. In one episode, Kelly and Anna were shopping in Paris when Andrew called them to confront them about their separation. How do you put this? Your laziness is driving him bonkers, he yelled. 


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As if that weren’t disturbing enough, Kelly said this wasn’t the first time he’d reacted angrily to something. “I haven’t worked out the exact best method to deal with Drew when he gets in these bad moods or episodes,” she said to the cameras. “Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time Drew has yelled at me or spoken to me like this.”

The pair seeks help in couples therapy during the first season but ends up breaking up. Later in the season, which was shot in 2019, they seemed to reconcile, but by March of the following year, they had broken up for good. We’re glad Kelly put an end to the pattern of unhealthy relationships by putting the spotlight on herself in season two of Bling Empire (vagina sunbathing and all).

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