Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explained: Why Would Six Betray Mono?

Tarsier Studios and Bandai Namco Entertainment have collaborated on the horror-themed puzzle platformer Little Nightmares 2. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, Android, and Microsoft Windows are all supported platforms for this game.

Like the original Little Nightmares, the conclusion of its sequel was shocking and unexpected. This conclusion has also shed light on a new gameplay element that will undoubtedly have an impact on any downloadable content, sequels, or spinoffs that may be developed in the future. If you want to know how this story ends, read on!

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Why Would Six Betray Mono?

As the second-to-last scenario in Little Nightmares 2 plays out, it appears like players will get to see both characters gallop out into the sunset, or in this case, the sunrise. The game’s Big Bad, a mushy glob of eyes, is defeated thanks to Mono’s heroics. After being turned back into her normal shape by Mono, Six and her partner can stay one step ahead of the vile villain. One day, the two will have to make a very sizable leap across a deep crevasse. Six makes a safe landing and then quickly turns around to catch Mono before he falls.

This scenario from Little Nightmares 2 is similar to countless others in which Six rescues her friend from certain death after they had fallen. That just makes this turn of events hurt that much more. The blob of eyeballs catches Mono when Six releases him this time. The protagonist’s mood shifts to the point where it seems like the protagonist has gone evil. However, Mono has a very excellent reason for what appears to be the murder of her new companion.

How To Access The Unlockable Ending In Little Nightmares 2?

Collecting all 18 GLITCHED CHILDREN will lead you to the game’s secret conclusion. One of the hidden items is a child who has been glitched. You can engage in conversation with a motionless kid every once in a while. Finding them all leads to the secret ending, but their function remains mysterious throughout the game.

It’s not easy to come by Glitched Children. They are always discretely concealed throughout levels, so you’ll need to keep a watch out for hidden doors or tunnels. There is a technique to monitor your development, which is good news. You can choose which chapter to play next whenever you exit the main menu.

To view the total number of Glitched Children found across all levels, press that button. You should go back inside and start looking for the ones you’re missing. You won’t need to worry about encountering any Glitched Children in the game’s final level because they only appear in the first four. Don’t worry about anything but finding them and collecting them all while you play.

What Was Six Thinking When He Let Mono Go In The End?

Since Six realizes that Mono is connected to the Thin Man, she allows him to be thrown. Near the end of Little Nightmares 2, Mono transforms Six Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explainedback into her regular self. The two people are running away from the massive mass of eyes and planning to make a long leap.

Six safely touches down, spins around, and catches Mono just in time to prevent him from falling. This is similar to the many times Six had caught Mono just before she fell. This time, however, Six lets go of Mono, sending him tumbling to the ground where he is easily trapped by the blob.

It appears like Six drops Mono on purpose, but why did she allow him to fall? Now that Mono isn’t hiding his face with a hat or mask, Six can get a good look at him. She gives him a direct stare-down before she dumps him, probably because she sees the similarities to the Thin Man.

Now that she recognizes him as a danger, she seizes the opportunity to eliminate him. Ironically, it is Six’s betrayal that transforms Mono into the Thin Man. Perhaps he would not have been doomed if she hadn’t abandoned him.

Why Did Six Let Mono Fall At The End?
Why Did Six Let Mono Fall At The End?

Little Nightmares 2 Ending Explained

When the final chapter of Little Nightmares 2 is reached, Six can be saved by Mono, who then restores her regular shape. When that big mass of eyes finally appears, these two will begin to sprint away as fast as they can. They will likely need to make a significant leap during their escape.

The number six makes the first jump and lands safely. Next, she spins around just in time to catch Mono before he hits the ground. Six has come to Mono’s rescue numerous times in similar situations. This time, though, she lets go of Mono, sending him tumbling to the ground where the blob can easily grab him.

It may seem like Six allows Mono to fail for nefarious motives, but that is not the case. Since Mono isn’t hiding his face any longer, Six can see him face to face. She gives him a good long look before she lets him leave and notices some similarities to the Thin Man. Since this danger is so serious, she has decided to eradicate it. Yet the irony here is that Six’s treachery makes Mono the Thin Man.

The reviews for Little Nightmares 2 are better than average across all platforms. This is because it effectively incorporates elements from modern horror films such as “The Babadook,” “Midsommar,” “Get Out,” “Hereditary,” and many more. These contemporary classics feature several jump scares and graphic violence, both of which contribute to the film’s overall sense of suspense and mystery.

Will There Be Time Travel In Little Nightmares 2?

The second instalment of Little Nightmares may feature time travel. Little Nightmares 2 introduces the concept of time travel thanks to Mono’s transformation into the Thin Man. Time travel must exist in this reality unless numerous Thin Men take on the role, or unless there is some other type of magic at work.

Until the very end, it is unclear whether or if Mono and the Thin Man can also travel across time. However, the Thin Man’s spectral appearance and jerky motions may indicate that he is travelling through time, pursuing the heroes as they repeat the actions that would ultimately lead to Mono’s destruction. Maybe with expansion packs, sequels, or spin-offs, we’ll get a clearer picture!

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