Crazy Rich Asians 2: Release Date, Cast And Everything You Need To Know

Crazy Rich Asians 2: The sequel to John Penotti’s hit romantic comedy Crazy Rich Asians is on the horizon. The premiere of the first season of the show occurred on August 7, 2018. Nick and Rachel’s storyline centers on the conflicts they have with their respective families. In the film, Nick and Rachel are dating, but he has been keeping the family secret from her.

He was afraid Rachel wouldn’t be accepted by his loved ones. A problem quickly arises after Rachel meets his family later on. After working through their respective families’ issues, the protagonist and antagonist finally end up together, making for a satisfying conclusion to the show. The film’s critical reception was enthusiastic, but its box office performance was disappointing.

Many awards, such as the Asian Awards and the People’s Choice Award, have been given to the show as well. Crazy Rich Asians moviegoers are relieved to see a second season of the show finally air. If you enjoyed Crazy Rich Asians, you may be looking forward to seeing what happens next. So, here is the full rundown on the premise, synopsis, and cast of this soon-to-be-released comedy film.

Crazy Rich Asians 2: Release Date

Due to the recent nature of the season 2 announcement, the expected release date is still quite far off. The film is currently in production, and the series’ cast has been officially confirmed. As soon as it concludes, in either December 2022 or January 2023, a teaser trailer will be released. The second installment of Crazy Rich Asians is scheduled for release sometime in the middle of 2023, assuming all goes according to plan.

Crazy Rich Asians 2: Cast

Crazy Rich Asians 2
Crazy Rich Asians 2

But, the producers of Crazy Rich Asians 2 have not yet made any public announcements about the cast members they have cast. However, we anticipate returning cast members like Lisa Lu and Constance Wu from season 1. It’s likely that Henry Golding will play Nicholas and Gemma Chan will play Astrid in season 2. The cast also includes Ken Jeong, Sonoya Mizuno, Jimmy O. Yang, Ronny Chieng, and Sonoya Mizuno. Although it has not been officially announced, there will reportedly be some new faces in Crazy Rich Asians 2.

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Crazy Rich Asians 2: Plot

Having picked up where the first season left off, with Nick proposing to Rachel, the second season movie continues their story. After a two-year time jump, the show will pick up with the wedding plans for Nick and Rachel. There can be no guarantee that a wedding today will be smooth and without incident.

Nick’s mother is planning to stir up trouble at the wedding to keep things interesting. Additionally, she reveals Rachel’s father’s identity to the group. As far as she can tell, he is Chinese and hails from a prestigious and wealthy family. The romantic chemistry between Astrid and Charlie would be explored further in this season.

Where Can You Watch This Movie?

The sequel to Crazy Rich Asians will soon be available for streaming on numerous services, including Netflix. Aside from VUDU and Google Play, the show would be streamed on Amazon Prime and HBO Go. In the meantime, you can watch the first season again to refresh your memory before the second installment of Crazy Rich Asians arrives.

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