Berserk Season 3 Release Date Status, Cast, And Plot – What We Know So Far

“Even if you force back what was lost, it still won’t be the way it was.” The adventure of Guts is not over yet. Be prepared for more in Berserk Season 3.

Well, folks, you have heard it correctly. Berserk, one of the most popular dark fantasy anime series around the globe, is coming back soon. It spins around the black swordsman and mercenary named Guts. He became part of the group named Band of Hawk. The series shows the intense and deadly adventures of Guts.

Written by Makoto Fukami, the manga is based on Kentaro Miura’s manga series having the same title. Kentaro Miura’s manga gained applause from anime otakus around the corner of the world after the 1997 anime series based on the manga. Both fans and critics appreciated the anime for its animation style, storyline, soundtrack, and marvelous character presentation. Later, in 2012, an arc called the Golden arc was adapted as a film trilogy. And finally, in 2016, a sequel to the film trilogy came out 2016. 

Directed by Shin Itagaki, season 1 of the anime arrived on July 1, 2016, and season 2  on April 7, 2017. Since 2017, the fans have been desperately waiting for season 3. Let’s explore the details I know so far. Do not go anywhere till you read the article to the end to know everything about Berserk Season 3.

Will the anime return for season 3?

The creators have not renewed the series for season 3 officially. However, the ending of season 2 had hinted towards the surety of season 3. The finale episode of season 2 concluded with the line, The story continues. It gives us surety that season 3 will come somewhere in the future despite the delay. Well, other factors are also hinting towards the renewal of the series. The resumption of any series depends on two essential things- the profit of the production house and the source material. Well, let’s discuss the given factors individually.

  • Is there enough source material?

Berserk Season 307

The manga began its Journey in 1989 and is running to date. Kentaro Miura has created 40 volumes of it so far. Even if we combined all the anime, then also only half of the source material is adapted. The very first anime premiered in 1997 and covered the initials of the Golden Arch. The trilogy film premiered in 2012-2013 was a sequel to the 1997 anime and covered the complete golden arch. The Berserk 2016 anime series covered half of the Falcon Of The Millennium Empire story so far. So, the rest half of the Falcon Of The Millennium Empire story is still left to cover. Moreover, Falcon Of The Millennium Empire story will end in the 25th volume. We will have 15 more volumes left after that. 

Therefore, it is crystal clear that the showrunners have enough source material, not only for Berserk season 3 but also for the future seasons.

Now, let us jump to the other factor. 

  • Did the production house generate enough revenue?

The anime faced heavy criticism due to its animation style. The 1997 anime created a massive fan following. However, 2016 anime profoundly disappointed the fans with its CGI, confusing direct and missing a lot of content. Overall, the bad CGI makes the anime visually disappear. However, despite numerous negative reviews and controversy, the anime has successfully maintained its fanbase and generated profit for the production house. Fans expect that the showrunners will rectify their mistake, and season 3 will be presented with good CGI. So, I can say that the production has earned a generous amount of profit from the anime, and there is a high probability that the upcoming season will produce an immense profit.

The Release date of Berserk Season 3. When will it air?

Any studio concerned with the anime or any other studio has not uttered a word regarding berserk season 3. So, we guess that the anime will take time to arrive. Given the situation of coronavirus, the series will hit the screen in late 2022 or early 2023.

The Cast of Berserk Season 3. Who will we see?

The cast of Berserk is extensive, but the main voice characters who may return for season 3 are as follows-

  • Hiro Shimono ( English) and Erik Scott Kimerer (Japanese) as Isidro
  • Kaiji Tang( English) Hiroaki lwanaga (Japanese) as Guts 
  • Sarah Anne Williams ( English) Kaoru Mizuhara (Japanese) as Puck
  • Karen Strassman ( English) Toa Yukinari (Japanese)as Casca

Other supporting characters such as Erica, Flora, Emperor Ganishka, and more will reprise their roles.

The Plot of Berserk Season 3. What will happen in it [ Spoiler alert]?

The showrunners have not revealed the potential plot of season 3. However, it is a child’s play to guess about the upcoming storyline. We all know, season 2 has covered half of the Falcon of the Millennium Empire story arc. So, it is pretty much predictable that season 3 will cover the rest half of the story. 

In season 3, we will see how people will find a ship to reach Skellig Island. We will certainly see some deadly action between the Guts and Vandimion family. According to the manga, Emperor Ganishka will declare war against the Holy See town. However, they discover that Kushan Empire’s Troops will already be there. The situation will lead to the war, and finally, Guts ally with Zodd to defeat Ganishka. But unexpectedly, a door to the astral sphere will open during the beginning of the war. The situation will transform the world as the monsters from that world will come to the physical world. The above condition will finally lead to Griffith’s domination in the empire of Falconia. 

Trailer of Berserk Season 3. When will it be released?

No production house has picked the anime yet. So, it is difficult to say about the timing of the trailer. The production of the series has not commenced yet. So, it is sure that it will not come soon. But I expect that the trailer will arrive somewhere in 2022. 

Where can we watch Berserk Season 3?

The series is available on Funimation, Anime planet, Netflix, and Amazon prime videos.

Final words

The original anime was fabulous, but the 2016 anime did not meet the expectations of the fans. It was due to the blunders of the production company. I expect that we will get improved CGI in the upcoming season. So stay tuned, fans, to watch your favorite series. 

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