BlackAF Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast And Many More

A year has passed since the release of ‘blackAF’ on Netflix. And we’re still waiting for the latest news and updates regarding the show’s coming season. This amazingly unique sitcom has been widely applauded for its brutal honesty and hilarious stance on racism, parenting, relationship & culture. We know, season one of the series ended positively, i.e., the Barris reconciling with each other, setting aside their differences after vacationing together. So, this leaves the fans intrigued to know when blackAF season 2 is coming out? So, to answer your queries, we researched and gathered the following information about the notorious mockumentary.

When is BlackAF Season 2 coming out?

We have got some fantastic news for the fans, season 2 of blackAF will be happening soon. The hilarious sitcom was renewed for a second season back in June 2020. Although there are no latest updates regarding the season’s current status, at least we know that it’s going to happen. 

Currently, there’s no news about blackAF season 2, whether it’s still in the writing phase or has the production started.

Release Date for blackAF Season 2

Like we mentioned earlier, there’s no news from the entertainment giant’s end regarding the status of blackAF season 2 yet. However, following the pattern, i.e., season one of the series premiered in April last year, fans were expecting season 2 to arrive around the same time this year. However, the silence from Netflix in this regard is worrying the fans now. 

Given the current conditions in which every other series have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. We believe that the delay in the season of blackAF is probably because of this same reason. 

However, you don’t have to worry about this because we’ll definitely update you as soon as we hear some news.

BlackAF Season 2


The plot of this sitcom revolves around Kenya Barris as a fictional version of himself, his lifestyle, and his family. The first season was full of scenes showing the modern life of a black family who has recently git new money to make things right. The sitcom beautifully portrays the complexities a family has to endure while tackling different relationships, parenting, race, and cultural issues. 

The show’s story is presented in a mockumentary style, where the narration is done in the voice of Kenya’s daughter Drea. However, the inspiration behind this comical series is the real-life events that Kenya faced. 

During the first season of the series, we witnessed the rising conflicts that Kenya tries to handle between his wife, family, and himself. And how they all managed to go back to being normal after spending vacations in Fiji.  

Moreover, we also saw the upsetting phase Kenya has to go through after discovering the actual intention of Joya for choosing Fiji. Lastly, love conquers all as Kenya lets go of his anger after watching an episode of Black-ish that he wrote. 

So, instead of venting out his anger, he realized how much he loves his wife and attended her book signing event supporting her open-heartedly. On this positive note, when sorted all the conflicts of the Barris family, season one came to an end.

Therefore, following the previous pattern, you can expect to see Kenya’s more witty and ingenious side. Additionally, we’re hoping to see the whole Barris family conquering their own problems in the blackAF season 2. So, are you ready to see the Barris family coming together to overcome every problem thrown in their way?


Well, as the show revolves around the Barris family, you can expect to see all of them again in season-2. We’ll be seeing Kenya Barris as himself, Rashida Jones as Joya Barris, Iman Benson as Drea Barris, Genneya Walton as Chloe Barris. Scarlet Spencer will be playing Izzy Barris, Justin Claiborne, as Pops Barris, whereas Kam Barris will be Ravi Cabot Conyers.   

Official Trailer of BlackAF Season 2

To date, there’s no official announcement regarding the series from Netflix’s end. Therefore, the chances of an official trailer for the second season anytime soon seem quite low. But fret not, as we’re here to update you regarding all the happening news. So, as soon as we lay our hands on any new piece of information, we’ll update you. 

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