Who is Chris Martin Dating in 2023? Relationship Timeline

The music industry knows Chris Martin well. Chris is no stranger to the spotlight in Hollywood as the lead vocalist of Coldplay and the author of some of the most well-known songs, including “Fix You,” “Yellow,” and “Viva la Vida.” According to a new rumor linking him to Dakota Johnson, the star of 50 Shades of Grey, his name has gained attention. But, since they are ALL A-list celebrities, we are confident that you will know every name in his dating history.

Is Dakota Johnson Chris Martin Current Girlfriend?

The “it” couple in Hollywood is Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson. Although the pair first tried to keep things private, they soon came to the realization that it was difficult for them to forget who they are. Almost one year after the divorce between Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow was officially concluded in 2016, Us Weekly confirmed the rumor involving Dakota and Chris in December 2017. His ten-year marriage will be discussed later.

Who is Chris Martin Dating in 2023? Relationship Timeline

But are Chris and Dakota genuine, or is this just a rumor

Although they did not explicitly affirm or deny anything, their actions spoke for themselves. Several times, Dakota and Chris have been seen hanging out and being at ease with one another. Five years have passed since the news began, but their images and comments continue to circulate. According to other accounts, they are even entering a more serious commitment.

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During a Coldplay concert in October 2021, Chris publicly dedicated his song “Universe” to Dakota. It is safe to conclude Dakota and Chris have been the real deal since 2017 and up until this point based on all the proof that has been posted online. Yet, Dakota and Chris didn’t appear to make their relationship “official” until December 2017.

The two were photographed at that time enjoying a Nick Cave concert in Israel while being photographed by a large number of fans and paparazzi. Since then, images and data from numerous sources have continued to provide evidence that Dakota and Chris were becoming more serious over time. But there hasn’t been any talk of marriage between the two. Of course, we hope they’ll walk down the aisle together soon!

A few PDAs with Annabelle Wallis are displayed

Chris was dating Peaky Blinders actress Annabelle Wallis in 2015. But guys, don’t misunderstand him. Even though his divorce from Gwyneth Paltrow was formalized in 2016, Chris and Gwyneth had been apart years before they divorced, thus Chris didn’t cheat on his ex-wife.

Chris even had a relationship with another actress from 2014 to 2015 before meeting Annabelle, dispelling any cheating allegations about her. As Chris Martin visited Annabelle Wallis while she was working in Vancouver, word of their relationship quickly spread. Additionally, some viewers noticed Chris becoming at ease with her.

Annabelle attended a few of Coldplay’s performances as well. Chris hadn’t given Dakota a song as he did, but it didn’t mean their love wasn’t genuine. Chris and Annabelle were at ease with one another during their brief romance. Sadly, they split up in less than a year without divulging anything about their reasons for doing so.

Jenna Lawrence and Chris Martin

Chris found love with Hunger Games actress Jennifer Lawrence shortly after ending his long-term marriage. Only five months after Gwyneth Paltrow filed for divorce, in 2014, they started dating. Once both Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin attended Harry Styles’ 21st birthday party in Los Angeles, their reconciliation became well known.

On the other hand, Jen and Chris’ connection was more sporadic. Before breaking up in October 2014 and getting back together in January 2015, they dated for four months. In August 2015, the two experienced their second breakup. This time, they had to make the ultimate choice.

But Chris moved on to Annabelle Wallis far too quickly, and Jennifer was reportedly “furious” to witness how enamored Chris was with the Peaky Blinders actress. Jen remained silent in response to media claims that she was “furious” with her ex. She swiftly moved on to Nicholas Hoult, though, and the two began a committed relationship.

Chris Martin’s Sad Story with His Ex-wife, Gwyneth Paltrow

Finally, we reach Chris’ first and only union with Gwyneth Paltrow, the Iron Man actress. Although their marriage had much more to it than just a breakup narrative, Chris had connections with various actresses even before their divorce was completed, as we now know. Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow first connected backstage at a Coldplay concert. classic, we are aware.

Chris’ magnetism, though, was difficult to ignore when he started singing. The Sun claims that they quickly began dating. Moreover, Gwyneth is honored in the songs “Fix You” and “Swallow” by Coldplay. Chris composed the songs to ease her mother’s suffering and grief when her father passed away. Even if their relationship wasn’t a year old, he still did that.

Doesn’t it sound like true love? Chris and Gwyneth held a private wedding ceremony in California a year after they first met. The wedding was so well guarded-secret that Gwyneth’s mother didn’t even attend. Also, it took place two days after Gwyneth’s first pregnancy was revealed.

The couple’s first daughter was then born in 2004. She was born in London and goes by the name of Apple Blythe Alison Martin. Chris and Gwyneth reportedly relished every second of their parenthood experience, according to some of their interviews. In 2006, they added another member to their family as a result. Moses Bruce Anthony Martin is his name, and he was born in New York.

The two made every effort to be excellent parents and cherish family time. Gwyneth and Chris made an effort to slow down their professional ascent and focus more of their time and energy on raising their families and preserving their union. Yet in 2009, when their careers were at their pinnacle, they had no choice but to devote their time once more. In 2009, everything appeared to Gwyneth and Chris in a flash.

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Gwyneth received her most recognizable role as Pepper Potts in the Iron Man trilogy at that time. In the meantime, Coldplay received numerous accolades, including Best Rock Album in 2009 for “Viva La Vida” – not to mention that Coldplay rose to prominence as one of the era’s most popular bands. Success, however, didn’t come without cost.

With the advancement of Gwyneth and Chris’ jobs, they found themselves spending less time with their families and growing farther apart. Their split-up rumors first surfaced in 2009 as well. Finally, Gwyneth filed for divorce in 2014. Both had been devastated by the choice, but they both felt it was for the best. Even though they were no longer married, they continued to co-parent and made sure that their kids were always taken care of.



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