Brendan Fraser Dating: Who is Jeanne Moore

Brendan Fraser has won his first career Oscar for his moving performance in The Whale. He plays Charlie, a 600-pound guy who is seeking to get in touch with his daughter Sadie Sink in the Darren Aronofsky-directed film (Stranger Things).

When the movie made its debut at the Venice International Film Festival, Brendan was moved to tears by the audience’s 6-minute standing ovation. Yet nothing compared to his emotional victory speech at the Oscars, which had both laughs and tears. Brendan honored his “best first-mate” Jeanne Moore in addition to Darren, his co-star Hong Chau, and his kids.

Brendan Fraser Dating: Who is Jeanne Moore

Who is Jeanne Moore, Brendan Fraser’s girlfriend?

Although they have just been dating for roughly six months, Jeanne Moore has been by Brendan’s side during that time. As they shared a red carpet moment at the Venice Film Festival in September, the couple made their relationship official. How they met has not been disclosed. Before becoming a makeup artist, Jeanne attended Cal State Fullerton to study marketing.

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She has experience working on movies and music videos, and she has special effects training, according to her website. Brendan gave Jeanne a big hug and kiss while accepting the SAG Award for Best Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role. He also mentioned her in his acceptance speech. He stated: “I couldn’t do any of this without the affection of…the clarion call that is my girl Jeanne. I sincerely appreciate it “stated he.

During the ceremony, Jeanne enthusiastically paid him a homage on Instagram, writing, “Congratulations to my amazingly gifted man! What a wonderful honor! I am extremely pleased with you! Salutations to a fantastic team!” Jeanne added several unposed images of the pair from the memorable evening.

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Was Brendan Fraser married before?

Once married to actress Afton Smith, who had roles in Reality Bites, Fried Green Tomatoes, and George of the Jungle, Brendan (alongside Brendan). In 1993, they first connected at a gathering hosted by Winona Ryder, a mutual acquaintance. After being hitched in 1998, they separated in 2007. They have three boys together: Leland, Holden, and Griffin. In his SAG Awards speech, Brendan also praised them and referred to Afton as a “great mom.”



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