Jennifer Fessler Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before and After

Hour of truth! Star of the Real Housewives of New Jersey Jennifer Fessler opened out about getting cosmetic surgery to “glow up” and suggested that she would utilize the diabetic medication Ozempic to shed some pounds. “I’m glowing now! … What’s going on? Yes, I did get a facelift, I did, the Bravo personality, 52, said to Andy Cohen on March 22’s Watch What Happens Live.

“Dr. Sam Rizk is the finest, baby. And a nose job too!” I took peptides, and I don’t know if you’ve heard of meds related with that help people lose weight, Jennifer said, adding that she “did drop a lot of weight.” She simply said, “You said it, I didn’t,” when host Andy questioned whether she meant the diabetes medication Ozempic. But here I am, doing whatever works.

Jennifer Fessler Plastic Surgery: Transformation Before and After

Jennifer Fessler Plastic Surgery Before and After

I don’t play, Jennifer responded when asked why she decided to be so transparent about having surgery. The F Major founder has already discussed plastic surgery and lauded her Park Avenue plastic surgeon. Jennifer previously admitted to New Beauty of Dr. Rizk, “I went in thinking that I needed a blepharoplasty [a procedure that removes extra skin from the eyelids] in addition to a facelift and he said no.

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He did mention my nose’s droopiness, which has plagued me for a while. I had thought about getting a rhinoplasty before, but I never went through with it. I, therefore, decided to get a rhinoplasty, a deep-plane facelift, and a neck lift as part of my surgery. Dr. Rizk was her first choice for the treatments, she continued, since “his outcomes seem so natural.

” Sonja Morgan of the Real Housewives of New York underwent a lower facelift and neck lift by New York City surgeon Dr. Andrew Jacono, and Jennifer couldn’t help but rave over how “fantastic” she looks. On July 2020, Sonja shared a photo of her “fresh new appearance” on Instagram. After concluding Season 12, the Albany native wrote, “I received a lower facelift and neck lift.”

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“I just wanted to get rid of the jowls that were beginning to appear and the wrinkling on my neck. The fact that it was so subtle made others think I was crazy. Not to me though! Gravity had taken its toll, I was fatigued, and I needed a “pick me up.” So it seemed obvious. Scroll down to discover images of Jennifer Fessler throughout the years.


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