Are Katie and Zach Still Dating Bachelor?

Everyone is curious as The Bachelor’s finale approaches and who will be dating Zach Shallcross. Gabi or Kaity will it be? Zach breached his no-sex rule last week for Gabi (and perhaps Kaity as well, but that can’t be proved). In the rose ceremony, Ariel was sent home, and this week there will be a proposal, as Zach informed Kaity.

Even though nothing will be definitively proven until tonight’s program airs, Kaity’s chances appear to be improving based on how last week’s episode ended. In addition to the embarrassing rose ceremony, Gabi herself pointed out at the end of the episode that Zach was acting favorably toward Kaity.

However, Reality Steve has previously bet on Kaity, and only a few weeks ago, a set of pictures from Zach’s proposal surfaced on Reddit and showed a woman who is quite unmistakably Kaity (or at least, definitely not Gabi).

Hence, assuming Kaity accepts the proposal, the remaining query is: Are Kaity and Zach still together? Women’s Health has compiled all the information regarding the most likely Bachelor couple, including one theory that they split up after the show’s conclusion.

Are Katie and Zach Still Dating Bachelor?

Kaity and Zach both currently living in Austin.

ICYDK, Kaity, and Zach both reside in Austin, Texas, as of the Hometowns episode. This might just be a huge Bachelor Nation coincidence, but it also might be the first sign that the couple is still together. Even though Zach isn’t active on social media (apart from a few slightly embarrassing Bachelor marketing posts—I wouldn’t be surprised), Kaity has been having a blast in Austin.

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The contestant on The Bachelor frequently shares stories about the places she frequents in Austin. The traveling nurse is from Kingston, Ontario, but it appears that she now spends most of her time throughout the United States. Maybe due to a specific tech executive?

This month, Zach shared a powerful Instagram story.

Instagram stories frequently contain hints regarding a person’s romantic status. Zach earlier this month published what could be considered the Gen Z equivalent of a relationship status update on Facebook. The image used in the narrative was of the sign for Terry Black’s BBQ, a well-known barbecue joint in Austin. Through Reddit, he posted, “Best Barbecue no question.”

If you follow The Bachelor closely or specifically Kaity Biggar, you might already be aware that she too thinks this is the best barbecue spot. This interesting truth was revealed by Kaity to Axios Austin before the premiere of The Bachelor and afterward on the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast. Although it is allegedly a well-liked restaurant in Austin, it seems like a big hint to me.

Zach’s feelings are pretty obvious.

Following the rose ceremony in last week’s episode, Gabi said that Zach was “just gazing at Kaity,” and Zach’s verbal affirmation that he is invested in Kaity seems quite clear. For instance, Zach handed Kaity the first rose last week without much thought, but it appeared his second rose was a little trickier to affirm. Of course, Zach did engage in sexual activity with Gabi in the Fantasy Suite, which, given his earlier prohibition on having sex, may also be indicative of his feelings for Gabi.

Kaity might be getting cold feet.

Since the episode last week aired, Kaity hasn’t written anything about Zach on her Instagram. This might be a sign of brewing trouble, or it could be that she’s furious over what transpired in the Fantasy Suite episode.

Instead, Kaity paid tribute to her friendship with Gabi in a post, which had a hidden message because both Gabi and Ariel both shared the same image and statement. As Zach noted on Instagram, The Bachelor wrapped up filming in November 2022, so a lot might have changed since the proposal in the finale.

Zach might be dating another Bachelor participant, according to a rumor.

It’s also not Gabi. In a video she released last week, Ria from Babes in the Office, aka Maria Ciuffo, revealed a tale about Bachelor Zach that she had heard. Evidently, from what she had heard, Zach did propose to Kaity, but after that, their relationship ended. Zach is currently dating Jessica Girod, who has fired from The Bachelor a few weeks ago, according to Ria.

But all of this is just conjecture. Ria repeatedly states in the video that she “doesn’t know” whether the rumor is true or not. Additionally, Reality Steve refuted her assertion in a current podcast episode. Steve commented on the show, “I can’t believe this is genuine. “That makes no sense at all.”

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In any case, Zach revealed to Kaity last week that he views becoming engaged as a “lifelong” commitment and takes it “extremely seriously.” So, it appears rather plausible that the couple is still together if Zach proposes to Kaity this week. Time will only tell!


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