Are Vanderpump Rules Star Tom And Katie Still Together In 2023?

The reality show stars of Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, formalized their divorce in October 2022, three years after they got married on Vanderpump Rules at a reality show wedding.

Fans were disappointed to find that the Vanderpump Rules pair who had been together the longest decided to end their relationship, but the question remains: why did they part ways? Keep reading to find out more information.

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Are Tom And Katie Still Together In 2023?

According to court material from the Los Angeles County Superior Court that was accessed by Life & Style at the time, Katie submitted the paperwork necessary to begin the divorce process at the Van Nuys Courthouse East in March of 2022.

When she was observed out and about without her wedding ring, speculations began to circulate that she had broken up with her husband, which led to the “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcaster breaking the news of their separation via Instagram one week earlier.

After embarking on a journey through life together for the past 12 years, Tom and I have decided to end our marriage. According to her remark, “this conclusion is not received with hatred or animosity, and there are no sides to select.” We have profound admiration for one another that will endure for all time, and we hold our friendship in the highest regard.

Even if we could be headed in different directions, we will continue to love one another and work toward one another’s fulfillment. On the same day, the co-owner of Tom Tom issued his message, which he accompanied with throwback images of the two of them. “Oh, man, this is terrible.

His caption on Instagram said, “How am I expected to portray 12 years of love in an f—— canned Instagram caption?” “Which image do you want me to use?” He went on, asking, “Is there a breakup font that everyone uses?”

Throughout our relationship, we shared some of the happiest, most romantic, and most enjoyable moments that are humanly conceivable. I’m talking about happiness on par with that experienced in heaven. She imparted to me a wealth of knowledge regarding love and how to improve as a partner.

When Did Tom And Katie Tie The Knot?

Katie and Schwartz’s marriage was technically not official until July 2019. They did, however, have a wedding in August 2016 that was broadcast on Bravo. “The big chatter around the wedding was that there was this idea that maybe Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz couldn’t get married because they might have done their papers wrong,” their longtime friend Lance Bass revealed in a 2019 interview on the “Bleav in Reality Bytes With Rob Evers” podcast.

The former boybander eventually apologized for revealing the goods. “A lot of people forget that I’ve been in entertainment journalism for 15 years. So, you know, when there are nuggets out there, I’ll talk about it,” Lance stated later in an interview. “I had no idea it was a secret.”

Why Did Tom And Katie Divorce?

During an interview in April on the “We Met at Acme” podcast hosted by Lindsey Metselaar, the reality celebrity spoke in depth about the difficulties she has been experiencing in her marriage. Katie claims that her needs were not being addressed or met in the marriage, which contributed to her having difficulties with both her mental and emotional health.

Why Did Tom And Katie Divorce?
Why Did Tom And Katie Divorce?

She added, “I wasn’t able to pinpoint it yet because I wasn’t able to confess or understand that it may be my relationship.” “I wasn’t able to admit or realize that it could be my relationship.” “I didn’t want to, since it was abundantly clear that I was head over heels in love with him, and he was the person I desired to spend my life with. It is just an extremely challenging matter to accept and deal with.

What Happened To Katie And Tom Schwartz’s Home?

In June, Katie shared a snapshot of herself on Instagram with a heartfelt comment that explained how she was feeling as she sat in the living room of the home that she and Tom had shared before their breakup.

While the Bravolebrity did say that saying “goodbye” stung “a lot,” she did reveal some of the highlights of her time spent living in the Big Brother house. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones and check out

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