Jeff Devlin Wife: How Many Kids Does He Have?

Jeff Devlin’s admirers have always been interested in more than just his professional life as a craftsman, carpenter, and TV host. Carpenter Jeff Devlin’s followers have been wondering once again if he is married or in a relationship since the revival of Stone House Revival on the DIY Network.

When the show went off the air, Jeff was in a new relationship, leaving fans to wonder what became to his wife, Christine Devlin. In fact, there are still people who don’t know that Jeff and Christine are officially over. Listed here is Jeff Devlin’s whole dating profile.

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Jeff Devlin Wife

Jeff and Christine Devlin have been married for a long time and seem to be very content. The public does not know how or when the pair met or were married, but it is clear that they are very happy together and have a deep connection that is matched by very few couples. The skilled carpenter frequently writes heartfelt posts about his lovely wife.

The union of Jeff and Christine resulted in the birth of two cute little kids. Christine has been on her husband’s side during every difficult time. She has been by Jeff’s side throughout his whole professional journey, and she is largely responsible for his success. Like his wife, Jeff frequently expresses gratitude for his lovely family and gushes over his partner.

Is Jeff Devlin Married? Relationship

In a current relationship is DIY Network star Jeff Devlin and Janelle Burdette. Posts on social media indicate they began dating in 2018. The carpenter announced on Christmas Day, 2020, that he was engaged to Burdette on his social media page. Without a confirmed wedding date, Devlin and Burdette’s relationship appears to be going strong.

Janelle Burdette entered this world on May 27, 1973, in West Virginia. Her current location is Malvern, Pennsylvania. She received her audiology education at both A.T. Still University and West Virginia University. She is a clinical sales associate at Midlantic Technologies, where she works.

Similarly, Burdette has been married before. Both Gavin and Walker, her boys from a previous relationship, are her biological offspring. The first lady in Jeff Devlin’s life was named Christine. As seen by their mutual social media profiles, they have been together since at least 1997.

Christine Lear entered the world on May 23rd, 1974. She has always wanted to be a ball girl for the Philadelphia Phillies, and now she can cross that off her bucket list. The second of October was Jeff and Christine’s wedding anniversary, and their children, Reese and Aidan, are now two. Reese attends Penn State.

Jeff and Christine Devlin have been married for almost 20 years. A final divorce decree was never filed. It doesn’t sound like an especially sour one, though. They seem to work together as co-parents, and there are hints of their marriage in their mutual social media posts.

Jeff Devlin’s Early Life

As a boy, Jeff Devlin thrived in the outdoors in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, where he was raised by his loving parents. Before he was introduced to woodworking, his interests included bicycling, baseball, tennis, and guitar. Jeff has always had a deep fascination with making things, thus this hobby was a natural fit for him.

Curious and inspired by the TV show “This Old House,” Jeff began building birdhouses that he later sold at art and craft fairs in his area. The adolescent started looking for work in the field, and soon after, she was actively applying for jobs.


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Jeff learned the trade by serving as an apprentice to a specialist in the restoration of old and antique buildings. The man started his own woodworking company called SchoolHouse Woodworking in 1995.

As a side project, Jeff even worked on updating and modernising the stone farmhouse he bought in Chester County in the 1750s. Stranger things have happened: a coworker filmed him working on his farmhouse and sent the footage to HGTV, giving Jeff his big break in the television industry.

Jeff Devlin’s Children

Aidan and Reese Devlin are wonderful additions to the lives of their parents, Jeff and Christine. Clearly, the offspring have inherited their father’s love of woodworking and construction. They appear to share Jeff’s appreciation for nature and frequently tag along on his many expeditions.

Jeff Devlin’s Children
Jeff Devlin’s Children

Jeff’s posts on social media about his children are evidence of the importance the family places on their time together, and the pair makes a point of setting aside time from their hectic schedules to do fun activities with the children.

Jeff and Christine and their children and their dog, Gretel, currently reside in an old farmhouse in Pennsylvania that the reality star completely refurbished on his own. We hope the family has continued success because it is wonderful to see them so close.

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