Are Callum And Maddie Still Together From Love Island Australia?

The fourth season of ‘Love Island Australia’ was the pinnacle of reality television. There was all the drama, all the tears, all the rumors, and all the spice you could want. Callum and Maddie Wilcox were one of the show’s most interesting couples. They got to the finale but ultimately lost.

Their journey, however, was unforgettable because the duo displayed such remarkable chemistry. Already you are such devoted followers; we assume you want to know if their relationship is still going strong or if it has since fizzled out. Okay, then, let’s work together to find out the truth.

A Romantic Vacation on Love Island for Callum And Maddie

Since his entrance, Callum’s charisma and charming Welsh accent have been obvious crowd-pleasers. Working as a pool boy at a five-star Brisbane hotel had made him more aware of his charisma. Working with prominent people had honed his communication skills to a silken sheen. In addition, he worked as a personal trainer for a select group of regulars, so we know he puts in serious effort.

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On the other hand, Madeline is a Melbourne-based makeup artist with a sunny disposition and a self-proclaimed title as “queen of situation-ships.” She came to the event looking for a steady relationship. To get along with Tina, Layla, Vakoo, and Maddy, Callum displayed more of an explorer’s attitude throughout the show. But his hunt was cut short when Bombshell Madeline walked through the doors.

As soon as she stepped foot in the villa, she was captivated by Callum’s charm and charisma. Callum, meanwhile, was uneasy with commitment and worried about the future. The pair overcame their differences and found consolation in one other’s company even as their relationship was tested.

Callum’s Declaration of Love speech was a touching moment when he revealed that he had been nervous upon first seeing her. To think that two people who couldn’t be more different would get along so well is impossible. The audience cared deeply for the pair and did everything possible to help them. In any case, how are the two of them doing now?

Are Callum And Maddie Still Together?

It’s false that Callum and Maddie are an item. In an interview with So Dramatic! published on December 21, 2022, Callum updated viewers on their relationship status following the conclusion of season 4. Although he and Madeline were only together for a short period in the villa, he implied that they were “more than simply friends.”

The two reality TV stars agreed to take things easy and avoid making firm commitments. As was foreshadowed in the series conclusion, Callum reached out to his on-screen ex-lover Layla John once he was out of the show’s strict control. He said he was honest about his relationship with Madeline, and Layla seemed okay.

However, she probably didn’t have high hopes for their blossoming romance. Before she left, he recounted, “Layla told me, ‘I want you to try to make another connection and continue your path.'” Which is why I went and did that same thing! Callum left things a little vague when he said, “We’re keeping it casual,” in another interview.


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Life is crazy right now, and things are different now that we’re out of the villa, but we still keep in touch and hang out. The distance between them was a significant reason for their breakup. Both partners admitted they were ill-equipped to handle the rigors of a long-distance relationship and agreed that a division was mutually fair.

When asked if they were dating, Madeline told their fans, “No, I wouldn’t say we’re together.” We tried to keep things lighthearted since we were on TV together, and we’ll have to wait and see what turns out to be the outcome. The two of us are apart. Also, he’s in Queensland, and I’m in Melbourne, so we don’t see each other as often as we should.

Callum And Maddie Relationship
Callum And Maddie Relationship

“I guess we simply didn’t put in as much effort as we could have,” she said. Nothing, however, prevented things from working out. Currently, I’d say we have a friendly relationship. Callum and Madeline keep their romantic statuses secret as of this writing. Since they haven’t shared any news about their current endeavors, we may assume that, after wrapping up their time on “Love Island Australia,”

they’ve returned to their regular routines and are hard at work on something that will help them further their careers. Despite their decision to part ways, there was no drama for fans to worry about because their friendship was based on a genuine comprehension of each other’s character and desires. Callum described his friendship with Madeline as “Pals 4 Lyf” in a January 2023 Q&A session on his Instagram stories.

They handled the problem like adults, and as a result, no sentiments were hurt, or resentment fostered. To all appearances, Callum and Madeline are still on good terms, as they continue to follow each other on Instagram. In any case, they appear to be single and focusing on developing themselves and their careers.

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