To Win Jeopardy!, Mattea Roach Defeats Amy Schneider And Matt Amodio, Exhibition Contest

No prizes were awarded, according to host Ken Jennings, who described the game as a “rehearsal.” Canadian Jeopardy! Tuesday night, at the tournament of champions for the program, champion Mattea Roach easily overcame other champions, Amy Schneider and Matt Amodio.

In the 38th season of the venerable game show, Roach, who is closely connected to Halifax and Toronto, along with her opponents all set new Jeopardy! records. Schneider and Amodio both have more overall prize money won, as well as more victories in a row, than Roach, making the Canadian player something of an underdog.

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In the history of the program, Roach has the fifth-longest streak. In May, after 23 games, her streak came to an end when she lost by $1. With $560,983 US (or $753,970 Cdn), she won the game and departed with it.

Because of their rankings, the show advanced them directly to the semifinals, but as presenter Ken Jennings said in a preview clip for Tuesday’s episode, this means they were deprived of the opportunity to participate in a quarterfinal match, so “this is sort of a rehearsal for them.”

Roach’s total score was $17,600, Amodio’s was $3,600, and Schneider’s was $904 despite there being no prize money on the line for the exhibition game. To qualify for the best-of-seven finals, Roach will play again on Nov. 11.

For the first Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek, there was a category during the game. Trebek, a native of Sudbury, Ontario, lost his fight with pancreatic cancer two years ago.

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