Sweet Home Season 2 Release Date Status, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Great news for Sweet Home’s renewal!                    

The South Korean horror show premiered in December of 2020, but there were no announcements made about the show’s second season. However, recently after almost 2 years of the show’s release, there has been news about its second installment.

And this article will be discussing the rumors, leaks, and all other related information about Sweet Home’s season 2.

So, without any further delay let’s begin!

Is there a second season of Sweet Homecoming out?

Netflix has not made any official announcements about the show’s renewal yet. So that means the show is not coming out before 2022.

As the show debuted in 2020, the producers had ample time to film its sequel in this duration. But they didn’t! So this might imply that the show’s second season will never be making the final cut.

But recently there has been a spike in viewership and rating of the show, if this increases further then Netflix might consider the sequel to the show. The chances are very high because the streaming site is famous for renewing popular shows.

However, whatever happens regarding the sequel we will keep you updated!

What is the official release date for the show’s sequel?

The show’s sequel hasn’t been confirmed yet so naturally, there is no release date for it either. But if the show creators decided to make a second season then the filming will take around 6 months and the post-production phase can easily be covered in 5 months.

If our calculations are right, then expect the second installment of Sweet Home to come out in late 2022 or even early 2023.

Sweet Home Season 2

Will the cast return for the 2nd season of Sweet Home?

The same cast is expected to come back, but as we all know casting heavily depends on the story development. And as we are not aware of the plot of the second season, we can’t say anything credible about casting either.

However, if they keep up with the same casting then get ready to see Song Kang as Cha Hyun Soo and Lee Jin Wook as Pyun Sang Wook, in the lead roles. There is also a possibility of Lee Si Young coming back.

There might be new characters introduced in the second season, which implies that you’ll get to see some new faces too!

What will be the plot of the second installment of Sweet Home?

The show explores a supernatural genre, and this means that there are endless storylines for the second season. Only if writers are willing to write.

As there are no trailers of the show yet, we can’t predict the second season’s story either. But we can always analyze the show’s official social media accounts’ posts and also fan theories. Keeping this in mind we did some research and after doing it, we have concluded on the following possible storylines for the second season of Sweet Home.

Season 1 of Sweet Home did not provide the fans with a conclusive ending; meaning that the story was not explored completely. This also implies that the writers had the second season’s possibility in mind.

The finale of the series revealed that Sangwook had been replaced by Ui-Myeong, this was a major plot twist considering that he has been after the team leader Hyun-su for so long.

So the sequel will also resume the same story and we’ll get to see the events that followed when Hyun-Su and Ui-Myeong sit in the same car (Ui-Myeong disguised as Sangwook).

However, we can also expect a new entirely different story but of the same theme. Because the show was based on a webtoon that has several stories. So this way new characters can also be introduced. However, this is risky business because what if the rating drops due to the major cast changes.

But that is a discussion for some other day.

Where can I watch the trailer for Sweet Home’s second season?

There are only teasers and trailers for the show’s first season on the official YouTube account for Netflix. You’ll see nothing about season 2 there (unless they are fan made trailers).

But if season 2 is in its pre-production phase then we will be getting the trailer 4 to 5 months before the show’s release. and all this will probably be going to happen in 2022.

That is a very long wait but hopefully, it will be worth it. 

Now you are all caught up about Sweet Home’s second season’s renewal. If you found this article informative then we are sure you’ll love reading about Stranger Things’ 4th upcoming season! (attach the interlink for Stranger Things’ season FOUR’s article).

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