Stranded Asset, A New Action-Comedy Film Satring Sam Richardson and Chriss Pratt is in Progress

The star of The Tomorrowland war, Sam Richardson and Chriss Prat has collaborated with Universal pictures to produce a new film, Stranded Asset.

The year 2021 has presented us with numerous remarkable movies, and  The Tomorrow War is one such movie. The film was a blockbuster. One of the main reasons why the fans immensely praised it because the success was the chemistry between Sam Richardson and Chriss Prat. 

Well, for fans, here is good news. The duo is again working together on a new film titled Stranded Asset. Chris Pratt is doing the movie in collaboration with Universal Pictures. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming action-comedy film.

Stranded Asset Release Date

There is no official announcement regarding the release date of the film so far. However, according to the rumour mills, it seems that it may come in 2022. Don’t worry; we’ll update here once the showrunner confirms the official release date.

Stranded Asset Cast

The details concerning casting in the Stranded Asset are scarce so far. However, the lead of the film is confirmed, as Sam Richardson will play the lead role. On the internet, there are several rumours regarding the appearance of Chris Prat as well. Though he is one of the producers, his appearance is not confirmed in the film. 

Well, after seeing his remarkable chemistry with Sam Richardson in Tomorrowland, it would be great if the fans get the chance to do it again. Well, fingers crossed!

Stranded Asset

Sadly, no other detail is available on the cast. For more information, we have to wait for the production to move forward.

Stranded Asset Plot/storyline

The filmmakers have put the plot of the film behind the curtains. Not a single hint is available about the storyline of the upcoming movie. 

Well, again, we have to wait to get more information.

Stranded Asset Trailer

The movie is still in the pre-production stage. Therefore, do not expect the trailer to come out any time sooner.

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