Ser Larys Strong Death: What Happened To Him In House Of The Dragon?

Ser Larys Strong Death: In episode 6 of House of the Dragon, Larys Strong establishes himself as a formidable political figure by murdering his family and severing the tongues of his inmates turned assassins. Lord Larys Strong, like Littlefinger or Lord Varys from Game of Thrones, is a scheming figure who uses covert means to advance his position.

Lars, a lord with a reputation for being mild-mannered and unthreatening, has spent his life listening, observing, and acting based on murky intentions; his power in King’s Landing has grown with each risky move and alliance he has forged.

Episode 6 of House of the Dragon reveals that Alicent has been mostly on her own in King’s Landing for the past decade, except for Larys Strong, who has remained a significant ally throughout.

Due to Lord Lyonel Strong’s position as Hand of the King and Ser Harwin Strong’s not-so-secret paternity of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen’s three boys, House Strong has played a notable role in the politics and scandals of the crown during House of the Dragon’s ten-year time jump.

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Larys has patiently waited for an opportunity to overthrow his father and brother, who have respectively bolstered and jeopardized the dominance of House Strong during this time. Without meaning to, Alicent gave him a golden opportunity at the end of Season 6 of House of the Dragon.

Larys went to the Red Keep’s prisons after Lyonel and Harwin Strong left for Harrenhal and recruited killers to carry out his evil schemes. After he severed the captives’ tongues, Larys despatched them to the “cursed” fortress of Harrenhal to start a fire, ensuring that his brother and father were safely imprisoned in their rooms.

In short order, Larys admits to a shocked Queen Alicent Hightower that he murdered Lyonel and Harwin on her behalf, giving as his reason that he is certain of receiving an appropriate payment from her for his severe deeds.

The shocking revelation that Larys Strong will ruthlessly engage in kinslaying to augment his political power in King’s Landing after House of the Dragon episode 6 is further proof that even the most unlikeable characters in the world of Game of Thrones can turn out to be among the most dangerous.

Ser Larys Plots The Deaths Of Ser Harwin And Lyonel Strong

The king’s decision to keep Lyonel Strong was unpopular with Alicent. She felt she had lost support in the realm because of Rhaenyra’s offspring. After learning the truth about the Rhaenyra-Daemon controversy and her father’s expulsion, she opened up to Ser Larys Strong, the brother of Ser Harwin, who later joined himself with Alicent.

After his son’s betrayal, Alicent and Ser Larys realized that Lyonel Strong could no longer be neutral toward the kingdom. Because she longed to have an advocate in her corner, Alicent missed her father. Ser Larys overheard it and considered helping out the queen.

He rounded together a bunch of convicts and told them he’d set them free if they could assassinate Ser Harwin and Ser Lyonel Strong on their trip to Harrenhal. Before sending them on this expedition, he decided to clip their tongues to ensure they would not mention this to anybody. In the end, the inmates burned down Harrenhal Castle, trapping Ser Harwin and Lyonel Strong in their rooms while they screamed out for rescue.

What Lyonel & Harwin Strong’s Deaths Mean For HOTD

Now that Lyonel and Harwin Strong are no longer with us, Larys will take their place as head of the Strong family and inherit their titles and wealth. Even though Larys won’t take over for Lyonel as Viserys’ Hand, he’ll soon be given a place at the table and can join Queen Alicent in plotting against Princess Rhaenyra and her offspring.

Following Larys’s advice from the conclusion of episode 6 of House of the Dragon, Alicent will write to Otto Hightower to let him know the position of Hand of the King is vacant. Otto Hightower’s reinstatement as Hand of the King, as revealed in George R. R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, gives the greens a great deal more power in King’s Landing.

The disgrace that Harwin inflicted upon House Strong by having an affair with Rhaenyra has been removed with his death, but the three boys he and Rhaenyra had together will still be called “Strong bastards” by the Dragon. After the loss of her beloved, Rhaenyra must find a new partner in her role as Princess of Dragonstone.

Why Did Ser Larys Strong Kill His Own Father And Brother?
Why Did Ser Larys Strong Kill His Own Father And Brother?

Exactly Why Did Ser Larys Strong Kill His Own Father And Brother?

Ser Larys plans to kill off members of his family for various reasons. His first insight was that Alicent’s desires were empty. She didn’t have any authority over Lyonel Strong, but she still wanted him out of the kingdom.

He helped her out and gave the impression that he was granting her a request. Ser Larys Strong is anticipating a reward for his efforts, so Alicent must remain vigilant should he point the finger of suspicion at her.

If Alicent’s son becomes king, he may seek that recompense, and if he is denied it, he will undoubtedly make his displeasure known. Lyonel Strong and Ser Harwin’s deaths might be attributed to the curse on the throne of Harrenhal for the time being. Ser Larys was also Lyonel Strong’s second son, and he had a twisted leg to boot.

No portion of his father’s estate will come to him until his older sibling passes away. These are only a few of how Larys stands to benefit from the deaths of his father and brother until Alicent’s son ascends to the throne. Given his intelligence, he will likely become one of King’s Landing’s most prominent citizens.

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