Rocket League Season 12 Trailer and Updated Scoring System and Remastered Soundtrack

A new season of Rocket League is released every few months, bringing with it different equipment, stages, and battle cars. Knowing when Psyonix often distributes updates and on what date will allow you to dive straight in as soon as the new content is published.

We can help with that. Read this post to find out when Season 12 of Rocket League will officially begin and what time it will go live.

Rocket League Season 12 Launch Date

On August 27 at 10 a.m. PDT / 18 p.m. GMT, Rocket League Season 12 officially begins. All the fresh and interesting material is available to players after downloading a tiny update.

The Rocket Pass 4, a revamped statistics system, and an “all-new audio mix” are also part of this upgrade.

Trailer for Rocket League Season 12 Confirms Porsche 911

Psyonix has just unveiled the first official season preview trailer. The video is only 22 seconds long, but it hints at several interesting new features, including a new map and the recently released Porsche 911 Turbo. Psyonix claims that a longer trailer is on the way.

You should make every effort to finish the current season of Rocket League and collect your Rocket Pass prizes before the start of the 12th season. Soon, you’ll have to begin over with a fresh supply of resources.

Updates to Rocket League

Updates to Rocket League

Already mentioned are the two upcoming additions to the game. The first is an updated scoring system, while the second is a remastered soundtrack. They’re both aiming to give players a more substantial feeling of immersion.

Two new categories, “High Five” and “Low Five,” will be added to the statistics system. It’s a novel way for athletes to rejoice with their close companions.

After a goal is scored, the players “High Five” each other by crashing into the air. In comparison, the “Low Five” is performed on the ground rather than in the air and involves the same five body movements.

The reworked soundtrack will bring greater focus to the game’s most pivotal noises.

The sound of the crowd will now be briefly muted at strategic times. The designers promise a “clearer audio experience” for the players.

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