Final Fantasy XVI: New Patch Notes Revealed

Square Enix stated on September 2, 2023, that a free update containing character outfits would be made available for Final Fantasy XVI starting of September 2, 2023.

There are now two distinct styles available thanks to this revision. The visual appearance of five characters is updated. Clive’s weapons will also have skins available.

Final Fantasy XVI Patch Notes

Square Enix made the update public knowledge and produced a teaser trailer for it (which reveals significant plot points). The change is also active at this time.

The preview discussed some of the enhancements coming with the upgrade. You can see all five of the characters who are getting skins in the trailer (though only the first three are actually named): Clive Rosfield, Jill Warrick, Torgal, Joshua, and Ambrosia. Transmogrification of weapons allows players to preserve the functionality of one blade while giving it a completely different appearance.

The patch notes were also tweeted out by Square Enix in a thread, and they go into a lot more detail than the video did.

In a separate video, producer Naoki Yoshida revealed even more about what’s in store for players, including new control schemes (which were briefly mentioned in the previous major update).

After expressing gratitude for the audience’s interest and suggestions, he said he could tell that players wanted more from this setting and these individuals. And for those who can’t get enough, the team has begun working on not one but two paid add-ons. He did not specify their size, release date, or price, thus these are all unknowns.

Here is the video:

He had stated in July that the studio was considering its DLC possibilities, so this is an update to that. In May he said that DLC wasn’t planned at the time, but that fan demand could make Square Enix reconsider.

Final Fantasy 16 is no longer going to be a PS5 exclusive now that a PC version is in development. Yoshida has stated that he hopes to provide news on both the downloadable content and PC port before the year is through.

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