NCIS Season 19 Finally Has A Release Date Status! Read More About It Here

NCIS is inarguably one of the oldest shows which are still running! With over 400 episodes, it seems like the franchise is not going to stop any time soon. How? Because NCIS Season 19 just got confirmed for its premiere! Which brings us to our next question, when will the 19th instalment release?

Great news for the NCIS fandom because you won’t have to wait for a very long time as the 19th season will premiere before 2021 ends! However, some bad news is too; some of the mainstream actors are not returning for NCIS Season 19. The reasons behind their departure were kept confidential, but as always, the information got leaked. You’ll read about it later in the article.

NCIS revolves around many cops who are special agents of a corporation called the “NCIS”. Almost all of their cases are about the U.S Navy and Marine Corps. The first season aired 18 years ago, and since then, the show has kept up with its exceptional content and ratings. But now the question arises will the 19th season keep up with the original storyline? And as the upcoming season won’t feature the main cast members, what can we expect from NCIS Season 19?

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NCIS Season 19 Release Date

The 19th instalment will be released on 20th September! However, there is a change in the schedule of its weekly release. Unlike the previous seasons, this time, the episodes won’t air every Tuesday. The fans were not expecting to get NCIS Season 19 this early because of the Covid-19 situation. But they surely underestimated the showrunners who somehow got the cast together for the 19th season.

The 19th season is yet to premiere, but you can also expect the 20th season. However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet!

NCIS Season 19

NCIS Season 19 Cast 

The character of Leroy Jethro Gibbs was assumed to be dead by the followers of the series. Because the 18th season showed his boat exploding. But it seems like we all were misled. As Gibbs jumped out of the boat before it got destroyed. So, that is a relief!

So, Mark Hamon will reprise his role as Gibbs. But sadly, we won’t get to see him in a lot of scenes. He’ll only feature in a handful of episodes. But we should be grateful because seeing him less is still better than not seeing him at all!

There are other major changes to the cast too! Ellie Bishop will not feature in NCIS Season 19. The actress of this character herself confirmed this sad news. We’ll surely miss Emily Wickersham in the upcoming season. Jack Sloane won’t feature in the 19th season either because her character had to fulfil her duties in Afghanistan.

However, there are a few additions to the cast as well. We know very little about their character details so far. Gary Cole as Alden Park (the FBI Special Agent) and Katrina Law as Jessica Knight will be joining the existing cast of NCIS.


The 18th season ended very abruptly, so obviously, the story will continue in the 19th season. The finale of the 18th season will be explained; after all, how did Gibbs’ ship explode? Or was this a part of his plan to fake his death? All of these mysteries will get solved in NCIS Season 19.

The story will also focus on the NCIS team, which was left stranded after Gibbs resigned from his job. Moreover, this time, the main storyline won’t revolve around Gibbs. The focus will shift to the new characters now. Unfortunately, this is all that we know about the upcoming season of NCIS.

NCIS Season 19 Trailer 

CBS has released a lot of “first looks” from NCIS Season 19. And we are expecting the trailer to release any time now. So, stay tuned!

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