Ken Goldin Net Worth: How Rich is the “King of Collectibles” Now?

Ken and his team devote their entire lives to searching for all types of antiquities and antiques.
The Netflix series begins by pointing out that some of the world’s greatest treasures can be little but quite valuable, like trading cards.

The contract signed by Babe Ruth is reported to be worth enough to purchase a jet. Ken gets “excited” by the thrill and “the chase” of his work. Nothing makes me happier, he added, than informing regular people that what they are holding would transform their lives for the better.

Introducing The King of Collectibles

The King of Collectibles is Ken Goldin. According to Bloomberg, he started buying and selling cards in 1978 and is currently around the age of 57. Ken is the owner of Goldin Auctions, which has its main office in New Jersey. The “largest marketplace for collectibles in the world,” as he calls his business.

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He claimed that competitiveness, ego, and money are his three main sources of motivation in the first episode of his Netflix show. According to Money Week, Ken traded in his toy cars for a baseball card collection when he was 12 years old. His boyhood pastime has now grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.

Ken Goldin Net Worth: How Rich is the "King of Collectibles" Now?

King of Collectibles met Drake at an auction

Ken travels to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to meet with rapper Drake during King of Collectibles. At one of his auctions, he claimed to have first encountered the Hotline Bling rapper. For his first-ever live box break on the show, Ken joined Drake. During the Netflix series, the founder of Goldin Auctions also socializes with Mike Tyson and Logan Paul.

Ken Goldin has an impressive net worth

Dealing with really expensive goods will inevitably result in Ken having a significant net worth. He added that he has been “doing this” since he was 10 years old on his show. Ken hears a radio host tell him in King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch episode 1: “Last month alone you did a little over $40 million dollars, which is insanity.”

Throughout the program, Ken can be seen hanging out with Logan Paul. Show me why you’re worth $500 million, Ken demands Logan. Ken has “…sold more than $1.3 billion in memorabilia from many of the biggest names in sports, history, and pop culture,” according to the Goldin website.

Meet the daughter of Ken Goldin

In 2023, King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch, a Netflix original series, introduced viewers to Ken Goldin and his daughter Laura. On the show, Ken and his adult daughter seem to get along well and frequently joke around.

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Ken and Laura’s mother had split up. The two revealed on the program that he proposed to Jennifer, her mother, while he was last in Puerto Rico. An eight-year-old brother and a four-year-old sister are Laura’s two step-siblings.

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