Steve Bannon Net Worth: How Much Money Does He Have?

Steve Bannon Net Worth: Steve Bannon is a former executive chairman of Breitbart News and a media executive, political strategist, and investment banker in the United States. Steve served on the board of Cambridge Analytica, the data-analytics firm at the center of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data controversy, and worked as White House Chief Strategist for President Trump for the first seven months of Trump’s presidency.

He was an officer in the Navy from 1970 to 1980. Steve began his career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs, rising to the position of vice president; he later moved to Hollywood, where he served as executive producer on 18 films released between 1991 and 2016.

Steve also helped establish the alt-right news website Breitbart News. After Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election, he was designated Trump’s chief executive officer and later his top strategist. On August 18, 2017, however, he resigned from that role and went back to work for Breitbart.

Bannon was apprehended in New York in August 2020 and indicted on fraud charges related to his campaign to crowdfund the building of a wall along the United States-Mexico border called We Build The Wall. Learn everything you need to know about Steve Bannon net worth, career, and more right here.

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How Did Steve Bannon Build His Net Worth?

Steve Bannon is a divisive figure in American politics, known for his wide-ranging career and the large audience he attracts online. Steve Bannon, host of the “War Room” podcast and one of the most popular shows on all U.S. podcasting platforms, frequently discusses his service as a Navy commander and subsequent career as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs.

Taking charge of the ecological experiment Biosphere 2 in 1993, Steve is often credited as the guy in charge. Simultaneously, he gave Hollywood producing a shot. At least 19 films, most of them documentaries, have Bannon listed as a director or producer in the Internet Movie Database.

Notable documentaries include “Battle for America” (2010), which examines the rising rift and animosity between conservatives and the state apparatus, and “Clinton Cash” (2016), which examines how Bill and Hillary Clinton’s organization is funded. Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Newt Gingrich, and Michael Flynn are just a few of the prominent conservatives who have been interviewed by Bannon for his politically themed documentaries.

Producer of films starring Ed Harris and January Jones in “Sweetwater” and Val Kilmer in “The Steam Experiment” (2013). Bannon and his business partners established Bannon & Co, a boutique investment firm, using his media connections and knowledge gained at Goldman Sachs. Bannon & Co. primarily handled media firms and other prominent customers.

In the transaction involving the sale of Castle Rock Entertainment to Turner Broadcasting System, Bannon & Co. represented Westinghouse Electric as a client. Five television series were included in the deal, and Bannon was offered a percentage of the proceeds from all of them. Among these was the groundbreaking comedy series Seinfeld from the ’90s. He receives a residual for each airing of the shows.

Seinfeld, which boasts a sizable fan base, has made its main character, Jerry Seinfeld, a multibillionaire. It is not clear how much money Steve Bannon makes from this revenue-sharing arrangement. He parted ways with Bannon & Co. in 1998 and has subsequently had a chequered career in business, with mixed results.

After working for Andrew Breitbart at his right-leaning political news blog Breitbart, Bannon became an advisor to former President Donald Trump. His aggressive attitude earned him few friends in the White House, and he eventually departed the administration in 2017.

The GTV Media Group, Inc. was privately funded to the tune of $300 million by Bannon and Chinese exile and billionaire Miles Guo in the year 2020. In the company’s official documents, Bannon took on the role of counselor. The SEC and FBI began looking into the company in August because “several investors began demanding for refunds after they alleged they never received formal documents authenticating their investments in GTV Media.”

Steve Bannon Net Worth
Steve Bannon Net Worth

The Manhattan district attorney’s office filed charges against Bannon in 2022, calling him “the architect of a multi-million dollar scheme to defraud thousands of donors across the country” who had contributed to We Build the Wall, a group that had raised money to construct wall segments along the US-Mexico border. Allegedly, some of the contributed cash were paid to Bannon, despite public statements to the contrary. His plea of not guilty was accepted.

How Has Steve Bannon Spent His Wealth?

Steve Bannon paid $1.55 million in 2022 for a 4,865 square foot, four-bedroom, six-bathroom house in Oro Valley, Tucson, Arizona. He doesn’t seem like a spendthrift, but there were rumors that he was trying to get a loan at the start of 2022. This could indicate that he’s having financial difficulties.

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