Julia Fox Claims She Dated Kanye West To Divert His Attention Away From Kim

Julia Fox Claims She Dated Kanye West To Divert His Attention Away From Kim: Julia Fox undoubtedly has a motivation. When asked why she chose to date Ye soon after his divorce from ex-wife Kim Kardashian, the “Uncut Gems” actor had a lot to say. Fox spent fewer than two months at the beginning of this year with the performer formerly known as Kanye West.

After reading a TikTok user’s comment, she was inspired to express herself, “I just wish you weren’t dating a famously violent misogynist and antisemite.” In response, Fox shared a video on social media in which she defended her relationship with the rapper, claiming that it was done to “distract” him from Kardashian.

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When they met, Fox asserted that he was acting “normally.” According to Fox on TikTok, the only adjustment the singer made to the song was to modify the name to “Come back to me, Kimberly.” She might have been referring to a Los Angeles concert in December 2021 when Ye altered the lyrics to his song “Runaway” to read: “I need you to run straight back, baby, more precisely, Kimberly.”

However, even the first signs of what would later develop into Ye’s outright harassment of his ex-girlfriend didn’t stop Fox from being connected with him. She said that Kardashian was the reason she chose to date Ye. But after that, Fox says, “I got this thought: ‘Oh, my God, maybe I can get him off of Kim’s case. “Maybe I can divert him, simply make him like me, and I figured if anyone can pull it off, it’s me,” she said.

When they first started dating, according to Fox, “he wasn’t on any forms of social media” and “didn’t even communicate about his relationship,” thus her plan had worked. Fox asserts that this only lasted for approximately a month and that she was “gone” “the instant he started tweeting” about his ex.

She said, “I wanted to help him. I said, “I should’ve done something to stop him from saying — like, what? I sounded almost as stupid as you guys. However, I was delusional. She responded to the “antisemite” part of her follower’s critique in her final TikTok.

Fox remarked, “I don’t want to boil down his entire career to his awful moments.” “Having said that, I support the Jewish community. Period.” In October, Ye was banned from Twitter following a series of antisemitic messages that he attempted to defend with other prejudices against Jews. Since then, his account has been unblocked.

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