Did Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Break Up In 2022?

Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Break Up: It all began and has ended in Arizona for the famous couple Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner, who seems to have an on-off relationship. According to People, the more than two-year relationship between the Phoenix Suns player and model-turned-tequila-brand-founder of the Kardashian family has reportedly ended because of their demanding schedules. 

Media publications have stated that Booker and Jenner have split up twice in the last five months.  The two appeared on good terms and were seen together within a week of the previous separation story on June 22. 

In the months following the claimed separation and until this most recent alleged breakup, Jenner and Booker continued to travel and attend events together, such as weddings, New York Fashion Week, and the U.S. Open. If this finding is accurate, it will imply that excursions to northern Arizona marked the beginning and end of Jenner and Booker’s relationship.

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Did Kendall Jenner And Devin Booker Break Up?

Devin Booker and Kendall Jenner have broken up once more. People claimed today that the couple’s busy and mismatched schedules were the cause of their breakup. Regarding Jenner’s demanding modelling schedule and her leadership of the tequila company 818, a source told the magazine, “Both have tremendously busy schedules right now with their careers, and they’ve opted to make that a priority.” 

Booker, who plays for the Phoenix Suns, is presently in the middle of his ninth NBA season. They have a great deal of love and respect for one another and want the best for one other, and a second insider told People.
According to the outlet, the choice to end the relationship was mutual, but the two still intend to stay in touch.

When the couple returned from their trip to Italy, where big sister Kourtney Kardashian wed Travis Barker, there were rumours that the couple had first split up. Jenner and Booker had a “very wonderful time” in Italy, a source claimed at the time, but “after they got back, they started to feel like they weren’t aligned and discovered they have very different lifestyles,” the person added.

The insider added that while they “both desire to make it work, as of now, they are split,” there is a chance that the two may come together. In less than a month, Jenner appeared to reveal that they were back together by wearing a T-shirt featuring an image of Booker’s NBA franchise. Additionally, she uploaded a picture of NBA 2K23’s new cover featuring Booker on her Instagram Story. Soon after, the two were seen engaging in some unusual PDA at the U.S. Open and on social media.

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