Is Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS: What Happened In ‘Vanishing Act?’

Is Yasmine Al-Bustami leaving NCIS: Hawai’i is a reliable rating performer. There must be something to the 7.5 average user rating for the NCIS spinoff on IMDb. With so many competing police procedurals and crossovers, this can be challenging. That methodical pace, however, may be stifling originality.

In contrast to the recent innovative, original series, NCIS: Hawai’i’s second season has not featured any particularly game-changing plot developments. So far, everything has been relatively standard.

The seventh episode of Season 2, titled “Vanishing Act,” hinted that a central character was planning to leave the show, so this could change. Is Lucy Tara, played by Yasmine al-Bustami, leaving in the middle of the season? This is what went down and is currently happening behind the scenes.

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Why Did Yasmine Al-Bustami Leave NCIS: Hawai’i In Season 2?

We suspect that Yasmine’s departure from the drama in season two was due to scheduling conflicts with another TV project, but neither she nor the show has confirmed this. By visiting Yasmine’s IMDb page, you can learn that she played a significant role in the third season of The Chosen’s religious drama.

The actress has been a part of the show for all three of its seasons, most recently appearing in the premiere, second, and fourth episodes of the fourth season, which debuted at the end of last year. Production on the historical drama reportedly kicked off in May of last year and wrapped up in September.

Since production on NCIS: Hawai’i Season 2 began in July of last year and lasted for several weeks, it’s possible that Yasmine’s character had to leave the show in the middle of the season due to scheduling conflicts. But this is all conjecture, and the showrunners may always intend for Lucy to go the show in the middle.

The actress who plays Jane Tennant, Vanessa Lachey, told TVLine in the middle of December: “She is still present and available, but our efforts are focused on accommodating the acting commitments Yasmine has on the mainland while making the most of her time here. We just finished two massive water days where everyone got drenched, and she’s here with us.”

What Happened In The Vanishing Act?

In “Vanishing Act,” we first meet a woman out walking her dog and being followed by an unknown man. Upon entering a building and boarding an elevator, he followed them and kidnapped the woman. When his mother didn’t return home, the woman’s 11-year-old son brought him to NCIS.

After some investigation, we learned that the man was a legitimate bounty hunter, and the woman had been on the run for over ten years. However, it became apparent that the woman had been falsely accused; other evil men were out to get her to cover up their crimes.

What Happened In The Vanishing Act?
What Happened In The Vanishing Act?

Amidst this upheaval, Lucy was offered a position as an undercover agent aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. Lucy had applied for the post shortly after her breakup with Kate Whistler and had been rejected; however, extenuating circumstances meant that she was being offered the job immediately.

Even though the episode built up the drama of her potential departure, viewers knew she would ultimately decide to stay and continue breaking Gibbs’ most significant rule by maintaining her relationship with Whistler. However, after talking it over, Lucy and Whistler agreed that Lucy should leave, sending NCIS: Hawai’i viewers into a frenzy.

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