How Can I Watch Yellowstone Season 5? When Will the Second Half of Yellowstone Season 5 Be Available?

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When Will the Second Half of Yellowstone Season 5 Be Available?

When Will the Second Half of Yellowstone Season 5 Be Available

Part 1 of Yellowstone Season 5 debuted on November 10, 2022, and the season’s midseason finale aired on January 1, 2023.

Due to the conflict between Costner and Sheridan, the production schedule for the sequel was delayed over its initial March start date.

The amount of time Costner’s character, John Dutton, always has on screen makes it unrealistic for him to devote only one week to filming Part 2.

According to reports, the actor’s intransigence enraged everyone around him, including Sheridan.

The filming date was getting pushed back due to all this controversy. Costner and Sheridan may or may not have reached an agreement, but work on Part 2 was delayed by ongoing strikes by the Writers Guild of America and the Screen Actors Guild.

Actor Luke Grimes reportedly stated that filming on Kayce Dutton 2 would have begun if it weren’t for the strikes, suggesting that Costner and Sheridan may have come to an agreement in order to make the film.

“We have not [started filming the second half of Season 5] because of the writers strike. I think we would be if it weren’t for that. But that takes precedence over everything. They got to get that all sorted, and then we’ll be getting after it.”

If there hadn’t been any tension between Costner and Sheridan, filming would have started in March, and the second half of Season 5 would have premiered in November.

Paramount had planned on releasing the next installment in that time frame, but since no filming has begun, we may expect it to be delayed until well into 2024.

The timing of the end of the Hollywood strikes is now crucial to the production of Part 2. Part 2 may start filming in January and have a debut as early as the summer if all parties can reach an agreement promptly, ideally before the beginning of November.

Part 2 may not be released until the fall of 2024 if the strikes continue for longer than that and don’t end until the early months of that year.

How Can I Watch Yellowstone Season 5?

Beginning with the release of Yellowstone Season 5 Part 2, new episodes will be available weekly on the Paramount Network.

The premiere of Season 5 Part 2 is likely to follow the same pattern of weekly Sunday airings on the Paramount Network that has been in place since the show’s 2018 debut.

Part 2’s episodes will be added to the Peacock streaming service collection alongside the other four seasons (but excluding Season 5 Part 2) once they are all made available.

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