Hellbound Season 2: Is It Confirmed To Return On Netflix?

Hellbound Season 2: It has been officially reported that work has begun on the second season of the Korean drama Hellbound, which is streaming on Netflix. Netflix has released a short film to accompany the announcement that the horror/dark fantasy series Hellbound will be returning for a second season, as was reported by Soompi.

The publication of the short video accompanied the announcement. The well-liked drama made its debut on television screens in November 2021, and all six episodes are currently available to stream on the app. The first episode of Season 1 was presented in its entirety for the very first time at the 2021 Toronto International Film Festival. This marked the first time a Korean drama was invited to the event.

The first season was left on a dramatic unresolved note, which has left fans eager for a second season. The 45-second video is essentially a repetition of the conclusion of the most recent episode, so it does not provide very many clues as to what viewers may expect to see in the show’s second season. Still, it is plenty to generate interest and enthusiasm.

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Netflix has seen a significant increase in the popularity of Korean dramas over the previous several years, with the original Netflix production Squid Game becoming the service’s first major hit in September 2021.

Other action-oriented Korean dramas that have enjoyed a similar level of popularity include the 2022 zombie apocalypse serial All of Us Are Dead and the horror series Sweet Home. Both of these dramas have been renewed for a second season.

What To Expect From Hellbound Season 2?

Although it is visually spectacular, the teaser does not offer very much about the upcoming second season of Hellbound. Because of the significant time between episodes in the first season, it is highly feasible that the second season will begin much farther in the future and centre on an entirely new cast of characters.

After the creator of Hellbound, Yeon Sang-ho, hinted that the program would continue as a webtoon, it was unclear whether or not the show would be live-action; nevertheless, it appears evident at least that the show will be live-action.

Even though there are so many unexpected turns and twists in Hellbound that it is impossible to guess exactly what will occur from one episode to the next, this teaser appears to hint at one other possibility. Some souls may start ascending from Hell in the not-too-distant future.

If that turns out to be the case, the information gained from these people will forever alter the shape of Korea’s society, and these people may become prophets of the new age.

Who Is The One Responsible For Hellbound?

Before the release of Hellbound, the film Train to Busan, which the filmmaker Sang-ho Yeon directed and starred in, was his claim to fame. In 2016, the film brought in the most revenue in South Korea. Shortly after Squid Game was made available on Netflix, Hellbound was released, and almost immediately after its debut, it became that service’s most-watched show in more than 80 countries.

It was stated that more than 43 million hours of the drama were viewed in the first three days after it was made available to the public. Ah-in Yoo plays the cult leader Jin-soo Jung in the film Hellbound. Hyun-joo Kim plays the lawyer Hyejin Min, and Ik-June Yang plays the detective Kyung-hun Jin.

Yeon penned the webcomic that served as the inspiration for Hellbound, and Kyu-seok Choi was the artist for the comic. In the narrative, specific individuals receive decrees from angels that specify the date and hour at which they will be consigned to the bowels of Hell.

Hellbound Season 2 Cast
Hellbound Season 2 Cast

When it is their time, horrible animals materialize and launch an assault, putting a violent end to their lives. In the first three episodes, we follow a detective investigating a religious cult known as the New Truth. This sect holds the belief that individuals who are destined for Hell have done some evil.

Following a time jump, Episodes 4-6 centre on a couple whose unborn child was given a sentence that will send them to Hell in a matter of days. Netflix now has the first season of Hellbound available to stream. There is no word yet on when the second season will be available to viewers.

Hellbound Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Since Hellbound was made available on Netflix more than ten months ago, there has been total radio silence surrounding any news regarding the show’s renewal. At the Netflix TUDUM event, we were astonished that Hellbound had been picked up for a second season. Before the event, we were under the impression that the series would not continue for a second season.

When Could We Expect To See Hellbound Season 2 On Netflix?

Now that the series has been officially renewed, we can start predicting when we may anticipate seeing the series resume again. The director and creator of the series, Yeon Sang Oh, will have a lot on his plate over the next year, working on numerous projects for Netflix.

These will include an adaptation of the novel Parasyte and a new zombie horror series. This indicates that production won’t start until late 2023 or early 2024. Production on the movie Hellbound began on September 17, 2020, and continued until January 18, 2021, when it was wrapped up.

Therefore, there was a little over fourteen months between the beginning of filming and the date that it was made available on Netflix. This indicates that even if we use a conservative estimate of fourteen months, it will be entirely some time before Hellbound season 2 becomes available on Netflix.

Hellbound Season 2 Trailer

There is no information about the trailer of the season Hellbound Season 2. Till then, you can enjoy the past trailer of the same season.

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