Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations: Where to find All Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact?

Just like Rime Worn Fragment, Crimson Agate is another item added to the world of Genshin Impact. All the players can find this new collectable item only in the Dragonspine area. But the unique thing about this item is that there are only 50 Crimson Agates available in the game, that a player can find by exploring the new map zone, Dragonspine. This area of the map is sheer cold and owing to the temperature; players face difficulties to reveal the Frostbearing Tree and Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations.

This tree offers various rewards like a new glider, material to level-up weapons, Mora, Wishes, and experience points. To get these rewards, you need to level up your Frostbearing Tree. You can increase the level by offering the crimson agates to it. It is the same procedure which we did during the Statue of the Seven events. As mentioned earlier, due to the freezing temperature, the players cannot locate the frost bearing tree and crimson agates on the map. Hence to find it, they preferring to surf the internet pages to know Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations.

To get an idea, you can keep on reading as here we are discovering the answers of questions such as how to collect Crimson Agate? What is frost bearing tree and Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations?

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations

How to Unlock the Frostbearing Tree?

The tree icon won’t appear on your screen unless you unlock it. To reveal it, you must take the Dragon-spine quest-line by travelling from the scrutiny camp. Continue following the path until you find a big ice shard. Now explore the shard, and you’ll see that Frost bearing Tree is trapped inside it. Moreover, the Paimon will also alert you when you come across to the ice.

Don’t start to shatter the ice right away though, because you need to collect Scarlet Quartz to melt the ice.

To collect the scarlet quartz head to the following locations.

  • On the right side, while walking towards the Frostbearing Tree; it is next to the road.
  • In the grass behind the ice shard.
  • On a big Mitachurl located to your left when standing in front of the ice shard.
  • On the rocks on the right side of the road.

When you get a piece of scarlet quartz, head back to the ice shard and use an attack (even a normal attack will do). Do the four attacks on the shard with scarlet quartz to fully melt the ice and unlock the tree.

How Many Crimson Agates Are Available in Genshin Impact And How to Identify?

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations: Where to find All Crimson Agate in Genshin Impact?

There are almost 80 locations of agates available on the map, which you can use to level up the tree. However, these 80 stones aren’t enough to make it max Level 12. To upgrade it after level 8, the players will need to participate in the Crimson Wish. The Crimson wish quest will assign them five missions (Icy Harvest, Ancient Wind, Strange Shifts, Liquidation) every Monday to Friday. And after completing each mission, you’ll get one Crimson Agate as a reward.

As you know the tree will continue to level up until 12. But upon levelling it up, you’ll also get rewards along with Mystic Enhancement Ore and Mora.

For example, at level 4 you will get Diagram: Warming Bottle, while on level 12 Wind Glider: Wings of Concealing Snow.

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations

Always remember that these gems act like Anemoculus and Geoculus. That means you can see them floating high in the sky or find them under the soil on the side of a mountain. If you’re stuck, look for another one and come back later. Also, you don’t need to find all of them unless you’re after a specific reward. On the north-east side of the map, the Crimsons can be obtained only after eliminating the mobs or emptying the pool to reveal underwater chests.

The Crimson agates always have a deep red glow, that makes it stand out in the snowy region of Dragon spine. When you get close to any resource, you also will be able to see a small indicator on your mini-map.

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations?

The Crimson agates are available everywhere in the game. You can find them anywhere doesn’t matter whether you open chests, kill enemies or melting the magical ice with Scarlet Quartz. We suggest you not get confused between scarlet quarts and crimson agates while feeding to the tree as both look somewhat alike.

To distinguish between scarlet quarts and crimson agates, always look for their shape. The agate resembles a flower and glowing. It is tough to find in comparison to Scarlet Quartz. In total there are 80 crimsons. Still, only the first ten can be found without making any extra efforts. Below is a list of ten Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations to help you with your initial Frostbearing Tree upgrades.

  • Don’t shatter the ice, always use the Scarlet Quartz to melt it and get the Crimson Agate.
  • Climb the rocks.
  • Explore the surrounding of Frostbearing Tree. But it is only available after the tree is free from the ice.
  • On top of the rock.
  • 5. Glide down from the previous location; it’s floating in the air.
  • 6. Climb the large gate, jump to get the Crimson Agate.
  • Look right in the centre of the circle. It will be floating in the air. To get it, climb up and glide down.
  • Try to see them from the nearby Teleport Waypoint. Glide down from there.
  • Glide down from nearby rocks.
  • Kill the mechanical guard and use the mechanism to drain the pool. Jump down and open the chest to get another Crimson Agate, which is inside the chest.

What are the Frostbearing Tree Rewards?

The Frostbearing Tree Rewards are different. And there are twelve levels which a player complete to get Adventure Rank experience, Mora, and weapon enhancement (level-up) materials, plus one special item. Have a look at the list of all special items you can get by offering Crimson Agate to the Frostbearing Tree.

  • Wishes:- These are basically Acquaint Fates and one Intertwined Fate. A player can spend them on the corresponding Wish banners to get a new character or weapon.
  • Character experience material:- Use this to level up the characters you already have.
  • Northlander Polearm Prototype:- It is actually a base material which is beneficial to craft any craftable 4-star polearm at blacksmith station.
  • Namecard:- Used to decorate your profile.
  • Frostbearer:- It is the recipe to cook Frostbearer Catalyst.
  • Crown of Insight:- A rare material to level up any character.
  • Wind Glider:- These are wings of Concealing Snow to make your player look stylish in Teyvat.
  • Warming Bottle:- it is a very special potion, that helps you to survive in Dragonspine.

How to get a Genshin Impact Warming Bottle?

Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations

The recipe to brew Warming Bottle is unlocked at level 4 of the Frostbearing Tree. Upon consuming, it slows down the Sheer Cold process by building a shield around you to save you from the discomforting climate. Thus, carry a bottle of warming bottle with you every time while doing wish quests and searching for agates.

To craft it, go to the crafting table. There is one in Mondstadt and other in Liyue Harbor. In regards to the materials, you’ll require Flaming Flower’s Stamens and Starsilver.

The flaming flower’s stamens are available all over Teyvat. You need to use either a Hydro or Cryo skill on the burning flower to get it. In contrast, the Star silver is a new thing, but still, a common source only found in Dragonspine.

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Now you are expert in finding Genshin Impact Crimson Agate Locations, upgrade your Frostbearing Tree and crafting a bottle of the warming potion. Therefore enjoy the game with your friends and don’t forget to show off your new skills.

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