Family Members Hope for 3 Missing American Sailors in Mexico

The Mexican Navy and U.S. Coast Guard are still looking for three Americans who left Mexico over two weeks ago and haven’t been seen since. Family members of William Gross, Frank O’Brien, and Kerry O’Brien are anxious to hear from the three missing servicemen.

In an interview with CBS News, Ellen Argall revealed that her daughter and son-in-law have been sailing together for almost 20 years and are both certified boat captains. Gross, who has 50 years of expertise, was invited to travel with them. “It’s pure agony,” Argall cried. I’ve been attempting to maintain my composure.

Family Members Hope for 3 Missing American Sailors in Mexico

The Americans left Mazatlán, Mexico, on April 4 over two weeks ago. On the day of their last known communication, they made calls asking for a halt in Cabo San Lucas for food and fuel. On April 6, the trio was meant to travel to Cabo and then on to San Diego, but they never did.

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Even in ideal circumstances, the trip is lengthy, according to a Coast Guard official. On the day the three set sail, there were reportedly severe waves and strong gusts, which could have been a contributing cause. The 44-foot sailboat owned by the couple, “Ocean Bound,” also featured outdated navigational technology.

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Over 2,500 square miles are being searched. Two patrol boats, two surveillance boats, and a King Air plane, according to the Mexican Navy’s statement to CBS News, are all involved in the search. O’Brien’s mother is nonetheless optimistic. She is physically well and a survivor, Argall remarked. “If anyone can make it through this, they can.”


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