Did Carmen and Corey Break Up? They Shared a Terrible News With Fans!

Carmen and Corey Break Up: Both Carmen and Corey are YouTube stars who work together on a family channel. They began dating in 2016 and now have two kids. People are curious whether Carmen and Corey will still be together in 2022. Read on to learn more about Carmen and Corey and to find out if they will still be together in 2022.

Are Carmen and Corey Remain a Couple?

Carmen and Corey run a family-focused YouTube channel. They concentrate on publishing family-friendly content, such as jokes, parenting stories, and the highs and lows they experience together.

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Carmen and Corey, their son CJ, and Corey’s child from a prior relationship with Ayden make up their family. Although Corey and Carmen are already legally wed, they have stated in videos that they would like to do a formal wedding. Just recently, they shared the birth of a boy.

Did Carmen and Corey Break Up?

It is most likely true that Carmen and Corey are still together today. Their channel was launched in 2018, and as of this writing, it has more than four million members. They also have a sizable fan base. They announced their pregnancy in 2021, and their video appeared on the trending page. After learning she was pregnant, Carmen started recording immediately and teased their channel’s due date.

Did Carmen and Corey Break Up?

Who Are Corey and Carmen?

Although Carmen and Corey wanted to grow their family, they were not going to pressure themselves to do so. Right now, we’re just going to concentrate on enjoying life, they declared. We already have CJ, so that would make us content for the time being.

Corey just turned 24, and Carmen is 23 years old. In November 2016, when Corey launched his YouTube channel, they began dating. In October of that year, they launched their joint YouTube channel.

Corey and Carmen Shared a Terrible News With Fans!

When Carmen found out she was expecting her second kid, she joyfully announced the news via a vlog. Last February, the announcement video was released. Carmen said she went home and performed two additional tests to confirm the results. Still, she withheld all other details, such as the baby’s s*x or the expected delivery date.

While followers were ecstatic over the good news, the couple abruptly stopped their YouTube activities, shocking admirers. After Carmen and Corey’s channel went dark for a short while in the middle of March 2021, fans were left to speculate. Corey and Carmen sat down to reveal that they miscarried just one month after informing their 3.93 million subscribers of their pregnancy.

The YouTube sensation claimed that although she had been experiencing some strange feelings for some time, the tragic news had “come out of nowhere” and was “unexpected.” She continued by describing how this pregnancy was entirely different from her first. Following the news announcement, several admirers expressed their love and support for the pair as they struggled through this trying period in the comment area.

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