Mageseeker Release Date: Story, Gameplay, Update

The newest game from Riot Forge, The Mageseeker, will further develop the realm of Runeterra. In contrast to League of Legends, this action-packed experience will center on Sylas and put more of an emphasis on providing a more intense combat experience than on developing the existing universe’s lore and world. However, when will The Mageseeker be released?

The most recent publication date for The Mageseeker is listed below. Additionally, a summary of all the information we know about the game from Digital Sun, the creators of Moonlighter, and a sneak peek at some of the gameplay.

Mageseeker Release Date: Story, Gameplay, Update

The Mageseeker release date

On April 18, 2023, The Mageseeker will be made available on consoles, computers, and Nintendo Switch. This implies that League of Legends players everywhere can pick up The Mageseeker. A Lost Silverwing pre-order bonus is available to those who pre-order The Mageseeker.

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The storyline of the Mageseeker

You assume the role of Sylas, one of the League of Legends champions, in The Mageseeker. You will engage in combat in the magnificent realm of Demacia in the Runeterra universe using the 2D, gritty pixel art style.

Sylas seeks retribution against the kingdom and wants to disturb the peace in a nation that forbids the use of magic that it judges to be unlawful. As a result, he would want to topple the order and put a stop to peace as retaliation for the fact that mages’ blood and sweat went into creating it.

The Mageseeker gameplay

The Mageseeker is a top-down action game, just like Moonlighter. Nevertheless, compared to Digital Sun’s prior game, this one has a stronger action theme. In advance of the release of Hades 2 later this year, it seems to be more comparable to something like Hades.

Combat with the Mageseeker seems to be highly violent and quick-paced. You’ll sprint through arenas escaping strong strikes before utilizing your chain hooks to maneuver behind your opponent and draw yourself in for a lethal strike. Getting used to the battle will no doubt take some time before you can dance around your adversaries with deadly accuracy and quickness.

The official The Mageseeker gameplay trailer showcased the furious action-packed combat that players may anticipate once the game’s release date approaches, in contrast to the initial The Mageseeker reveal trailer, which included very little gameplay.

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That is all there is to know at this time about the game before The Mageseeker launches in April 2023. When it is released, we hope that Digital Sun will have created another excellent independent title that will appear on our rankings of the top PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch games.

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