Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink: Abilities and Item

The recent Mistwood patch update 7.28 of Dota 2 has introduced many new features, items and ton of abilities of existing players. But the most exciting thing of this update is it’s 120th New Hero Hoodwink. If you have installed the update, then you can see that Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink is available at the pick screen. Let’s read on to explore everything about her, including abilities and how to play as her effectively in the game.

What is Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink?

As it is a creature of the forest. Thus, hoodwink looks like a fox, that sometimes gives a hint of a red panda. With her abilities, she can disable many enemies while remaining elusive. Apart from all this, she can grow trees by using Acorn ability. And when you shoot an acorn at the ground. A tree will sprout, and acorn will start to bounce to harm all the adjacent enemies. After the attack, the enemies will move slowly. Similarly, if you directly target an enemy with acorn, then acorn will definitely bounce to deal some good damage and slow them down, but it won’t grow a tree.

Those trees don’t just slow down the enemies, but also helps the Hoodwink in numerous ways. Aside from the small heals, she uses the bushwhack to put traps that pull, lower and stun the vision of enemy heroes that come near to these trees.

Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink Abilities Are As Follows

Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink: Abilities and Item

#1 Acorn Shot

When you activate this attack, Hoodwink’s next attack gets a buff along with a bonus of 350 attack range, 100 bonus damage. This attack also makes all the nearby enemies bounce up to six times at max level. As mentioned earlier, all the enemies will act as slow going for next .25 seconds.

With these acorns, you can also target the ground to sprout a tree that will bounce all the nearby enemies.

This attack cost 105 mana and 10 second cooldown.

#2 Bushwhack

In this attack, Hoodwink shots a net trap towards any enemy hero. After throwing the net, you can pull them towards any nearest tree to deal 360 damage points to them.

If you use this attack on the enemies which are adjacent to trees, then they all will be stunned for the next 2.2 seconds. And they will also lose their vision until the time gets over.

To all the players, it costs 120 mana and 14 second cooldown.

#3 Scurry

This is her third attack, and in this attack, she uses both passive and active components. (The passive attack is also suitable for survivability) It increases her chances to dodge physical attacks by 40%. Furthermore, this attack also increases her movement speed, phased collision, and tree-walking for 4 seconds.

Scurry cost 35 mana but no cooldown.

Due to the scurry, Woodwink becomes a real hero in Dota 2 as whenever she gets close to a tree she can either lure or escape enemies.

#4 Sharpshooter

It is a very powerful nuke to take down enemies easily because this attack deals in heavy damages. Additionally, the damage and debuff duration depend on how long Sharpshooter is charged.

After every shot, the hoodwink will b knocked backed by the force of the shot. Each sharpshooter shot will cost 150 mana and 45-second cooldown. At full charge, a single shot will deal a huge 1400 damage points and also slow them by 50% for the next 6 seconds.

After analysing, we can say that Acorn is the strongest ability. During the gameplay, you’ll have a chance to mix all of them at level 7.

What items to buy for Dota 2 New Hero Hoodwink?

  • To get mana items like Arcane Boots or Soul Ring, Hoodwink will be using Acorn Shot and Bushwhack a lot. When you have enough coins, buying Arvana boots will be the best choice. Because later you can disassemble it to craft an Aether Lens to enhance the cast range of capabilities.
  • After choosing the Hoodwink, you will be running and jumping a lot. Thus, to increase your mobility, a Blink Dagger will be a must-have item for you. Whether you are using Hoodwink as a supporter or offlaner, to turn it into a Spirit Vessel, you must have Urn of Shadows, which is a low-cost item.
  • The Hoodwink is presented as a soft and moist hero. Therefore items like Force Staff, Glimmer Cape, Ghost Scepter, and Aeon Disk are manifested to be very useful to make some space then run to a safe place on the trees with Scurry.
  • Doesn’t matter which ability of the new hero you are using, there are several utility items like Mekansm, Pipe of Insight, Vladimir’s Offering, Solar Crest, and Lotus Orb will be a great bonus for your team.
  • The list of luxury items includes Bloodstone, Octarine Orb, and Scythe of Vyse. Besides, you can also Mjollnir, Bloodthorn, or Nullifier to deal burst damage.


We all know that the Dota 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena and everyone loving the Mistwood patch update 7.28 of Dota 2. So, without any doubt, we can say that there are still several other ways that haven’t been come upon to the play as Hoodwink. However, we suggest you to keep trying every new experiment with the new hero to find a list of all new play styles. We also recommend you to avoid doing experiments in the middle of a rank match.

Being a MOBA video game, there will be a lot of chances that you may find some users that don’t follow the rules of online gaming. Under these circumstances, you can follow this guide to report someone on discord.

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