Dee Snider Tells Fans Against Vaccine Mandates to Go See Ted Nugent and Kid Rock

Dee Snider gave his opinion about his fans who are against vaccines, and he also aimed at Ted Nugent and Kid Rock in the process.

In an interview, Dee Snider said that anyone’s chance of making him sick is an invasion of his privacy, so fuck you. He also said that If any audience doesn’t like it, they can find their own band. He even said that Ted Nugent is out there, and Kid Rock is welcoming you as well. None has any right to infect him.

Dee Snider said that Kid Rock was asked to cancel a few upcoming shows as over half the band has f—ing covid excluding him.  He also added, before any of the media trolls had run their mouths, many of them, including him, had been vaccinated.

Meanwhile, Nugent has been critically suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, from lockdowns to mask protocols, and was tested positive for COVID-19 in April. When he revealed his diagnosis in front of everyone, While announcing the diagnosis, Nuge said that everybody had suggested to him that he should not announce this. He also added that I had had flu symptoms for the last ten days, and he thought he might be dying.

Dee Snider Tells Fans Against Vaccine Mandates to Go See Ted Nugent and Kid Rock

Rocker Dee Snider to Unvaccinated Fans: You Don’t Have a Right to Infect Me

Even after this, Nugent said in a video on his YouTube channel several months later that he wasn’t going to get the COVID vaccine adding to it that he had all his vaccinations. He also said he hadn’t had any guinea pig test shots, but he had all his vaccinations. He also said that he had all my shots that qualify and are also considered as vaccinations. He even said that he hadn’t had any experimental shots, and he won’t even take any experimental shots. Also, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine, by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), was announced on n August 23. They had even approved what will now be known as Community for people 16 years of age and older.

Dee Snider was touched by Nugent getting COVID and also said Ted Nugent learned the hard way.  He said he thought Nugent was going to die! So, that’s what he chose. And Snider also added that he was glad Ted didn’t die. He said that he is a Ted Nugent fan from the very earliest days. Snider also mentioned that he had been friends over the years. He also said he had gone a little crazy in his old age and didn’t want to see him die, but he also said he snickers a little bit when he got sick.

Snider also revealed last month that he had been tested positive for COVID-19 even though he was fully vaccinated. In his interview,  Dee Snider expressed his support for an audience who had been vaccinated for concerts. He also had worn off any fans who weren’t vaccinated.  In New York City,  just 31 percent of black people have been vaccinated. Bloomberg News also reported that some non-white areas of New York City have lower vaccination rates than Mississippi.”

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