Clerks 3: All You Need to Know About the Comedy Gold

Finally, some good news for the fans of the iconic comedy series clerks! A sequel of the show is underway and we’ll be seeing Clerks 3 soon.

Ever since the reveal of Clerks 3, fans have been eager to get their hands on the latest updates about the threequel. Kevin Smith wrote the script in 2013, and since then the whispers of Clerk 3 started picking up heat.

Even though the working on Clerks 3 officially began in October 2019 but the fans already know that the film is going to be more about Kevin’s life. So, the anticipation of fans has been skyrocketing awaiting its release. But when we heard the shocking news that Jeff Anderson is refusing to further participate in the movie.

However, the issue got resolved, which means we will yet again be the bystander of a cinematic masterpiece. So, let’s take a look at some of the facts, news and the latest updates about the upcoming Clerks 3 movie!

Release Date: When is it Coming Out?

The shooting of the movie commenced on 2nd August 2021—Kevin Smith’s birthday. Although there’s no official date out yet but as per different news it will be releasing sometime soon in 2022.

Clerks 3 Plot: What’s going to happen?

According to different news and updates from Kevin Smith; the filmmaker. The shooting of clerks 3 will take place in New Jersey in the original convenience store in which the first movie was filmed. The threequel has been highly inspired by Kevin Smith’s real life.

Unfortunately, Mr. Smith had an immense heart attack that almost caused his demise in 2018. Ironically, while writing the script he could not help his laughter—making us believe that the movie has some emotional twists simultaneously inculcating the main element of the film; comedy. Initially, the movie’s script was full of dark humor and was pretty uncanny. Nevertheless, they renewed the script again in 2020 where they are substituting the dark part with more whole-some comedy.

Cast: Has it changed?

Well, we have some good news for the fans, Clerks 3 is trying to bring back the original cast of Clerks. So, you can expect to see the same cast in the upcoming Clerks 3. This means we will witness all the main characters of Clerks I and Clerks II.

Smith will be playing Silent Bob, Jeff Anderson as Randal, Brian O’ Halloran will be coming back as Dante, and Rosario Dawson as Becky.

Clerks 3: What can we expect?

It’s been ages since we saw Dante and Randal in the Quick-store, 30 years to be precise. Nonetheless, at the end of Clerks II, Jay and Silent Bob were able to lend a loan to the protagonists and hence they were able to buy the convenience store—Quick Store. It is very much expected and confirmed by Smith that the majority of the shooting will be done there. Also, let’s not forget that Dante will also be a father. Moreover, we can expect that the movie will have a lot of Kevin Smith’s perspective, especially after the heart attack.

Clerks 3 Trailer: Is it out yet?

 Sadly! No, there’s no trailer out yet. But no need to get your hopes low, because you can see Kevin Smith in a YouTube video— “Clerks 3 – First look with Kevin Smith”, talking about the movie. We can see him talking about the plot and his emotional connection with the movie.

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