Arielle Charnas Divorce: What’s Happening With Husband Brandon?

Arielle Charnas Divorce: The internet shaming of Arielle Charnas is nothing new. In recent years, the notorious fashion blogger and influencer has been at the center of several major scandals. Charnas’s husband has been the subject of new claims that he engaged in shady business with Arielle’s fashion label, Something Navy.

Who Is Arielle Charnas?

The divorce of American fashion blogger and influencer Arielle Charnas has piqued the interest of her many followers. In 2009, Arielle began uploading images of her outfits and showing her style online on a blog she created called Something Navy. In terms of her personal style, she describes herself as “elevated simple.”

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Before becoming a famous blogger, Charnas worked at the Theory store in the Meatpacking District. Her subsequent sponsorship deal with TRESemmé lasted for four years. In addition, she was featured in advertisements for the new shampoo range that premiered in January 2016.

Soon after, in the fall of 2017, Charnas introduced her first clothing line with Nordstrom. Shoes, accessories, and thirty complete ensembles made up the collection. In the first 24 hours, internet sales were over a million dollars.

Her first line of womenswear, titled Something Navy X Treasure & Bond, was released on September 25 at 52 Nordstrom stores in the United States and Canada.

Why Did Arielle and Brandon Charnas Get a Divorce?

This week, Arielle Charnas and her husband Brandon addressed speculation about the company’s finances and their marriage that had been circulating on the Instagram gossip account DeuxMoi and the message boards of the online community Reddit.


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Matthew Scanlan, CEO of Something Navy, said to Women’s Wear Daily, “This is totally wrong.” “No business funds are accessible to Brandon Charnas. He isn’t affiliated with the business in any way, and he has zero access.”

And his real estate firm has denied any financial misconduct. “Present Real Estate was established in part by Brandon Charnas. At this time, Current Real Estate can report no instances of theft “according to a statement given to WWD by a company representative.

Arielle Charnas’s representative informed Page Six, in response to reports that Arielle and Brandon Charnas are divorcing, “Obviously, this is not the case. Together, they have found true love and marital bliss.” The Charnases have three daughters from their 2014 marriage.

A lot of eyes are on the couple, but this isn’t the first time. When the COVID-19 epidemic first broke out, Arielle allegedly disregarded orders to stay indoors and instead went into self-imposed isolation in the Hamptons. They isolated themselves at their New York City apartment for 14 days, according to a statement she posted on Instagram at the time.

She explained that they left the city after consulting with many doctors and determining that they had no fever for at least 72 hours, that their symptoms had eased, and that at least seven days had passed since their symptoms initially appeared.

She continued, “We all make mistakes, including me, especially when a situation such as this is growing so quickly.” Please accept my sincere apologies; my family and I deeply regret offending anyone by giving the impression that we were not taking this catastrophe extremely seriously.

Charnas’s label, Something Navy, debuted at Nordstrom and will eventually branch out on its own. According to WWD, the company’s investors include Beliead Ventures, L Catterton, Vanterra Capital, Box Group, Jenny Fleiss, Silas Capital, and Third Kind Ventures, and the firm operates out of four retail locations.

What Accusations Have Been Made Against Charnas’s Husband?

On Tuesday, an anonymous submission was published by the Instagram account Deuxmoi, which specializes in rumor and celebrity news. It stated that Arielle was divorcing Brandon because to Brandon’s theft of funds from Something Navy. The account stated that on Thursday, Business Insider would run a piece regarding the theft.

What Are The Allegations Against Charnas’ Husband?
What Are The Allegations Against Charnas’ Husband?

Internet users have noticed that Arielle hasn’t been wearing her wedding band in recent photos. Furthermore, she removed other Instagram posts that included Brandon. Consequently, a lot of people thought they broke up. Some individuals thought Brandon was cheating on Arielle, and they made their suspicions known. 

Also, Brandon allegedly ran away to Miami from Something Navy’s parent firm, according to speculations. However, it must be stressed that there is currently no evidence to support these claims. These rumors, like all others found on the internet, should be taken with a healthy dose of salt.

Arielle Charnas Net Worth 2022

As a public figure, Arielle Charnas has been unusually tight-lipped about several aspects of her life, including her wealth. As of the year 2022, Arielle is said to have a net worth of more than $10 million. Yet, the blogger has not corroborated these claims.

Arielle is well-known for the many ways she makes money, including the sales of her brands and endorsement contracts with numerous companies. The navy stands to gain $4,000,000 in income after doing anything. 

Her partnership with Nordstrom also brought in $1 million for her. Moreover, Charnas bought a New York City condo that was 2,900 square feet in size. The estimated net worth of Arielle Charnas, an American style blogger, is $7 million.

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